Top Quotes Collected During 2018

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Silky, Ruth, and Elias reacting to the idea of having a party.

Sympathy is not a currency. It is not to be traded, it is a feeling.
— Mae | Greenleaf s3e8

“[…] the honest truth is we’re scared. Scared that maybe we’re a person we wouldn’t like very much if we met. Scared we’re people who are gonna let our communities down. Scared we’re people our parents might think different of if they really knew. [If not] scared of becoming our parents.”
 Grown-ish: Series Premiere

“[…] Everybody knows the secret now that when a woman sleeps with a man right away, it’s not because we don’t respect ourselves, it’s because we don’t respect you.”
— Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

I don’t charge for my advice, though it is worth a fortune.
– Rachel (Anne with an E: Season 2/ Episode 1)

Representing someone is not the same as endorsing them.
— Alec Berg (The Hollywood Reporter)

The only measure of an action is its consequence.
— Henry | Elizabeth Harvest

Figure out who you are and do it on purpose.
— Dumplin


Justice is not about striking down evil, but making people aware that evil exists in the world.
— Goblin Slayer S1e5

[…] when you don’t have money, honesty’s a luxury you can’t afford.
— Lu | Elite s1e5

“[…] think is a strong word. Think is a strong word when combined with right. Right should be known, not thought.”
— Kiri: Season 1/ Episode 3

“Rich kids get mischief and poor kids get pathologized and incarcerated.”
— Anna Deavere Smith

Is this a movement or a primal scream?
— “Chapter 8” Dear White People

“But what is scared to us? It’s like water to a fish. There’s no point in dreaming of a life without having to be scared.”
— Pose: Season 1/ Episode 4 “The Fever”


Norman apologizing to Angela.
Norman: On behalf of myself and all the ancestors.

My experiences don’t define me [but] they certainly shape me.
— Diane Guerrero

Some people worry an immigrant will take their job. Here’s a thought: If someone shows up, doesn’t speak the language, has no connections or support network and takes your job on day one, maybe America doesn’t need you.
— The Fix “Let’s Fix Immigration” – Jimmy Carr

“Comedy is fueled by oppression, by the lack of power, by abandonment, by sadness and disappointment, and humiliation.”
— The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


Love for me isn’t what I can give you. Love for me is what I’m willing to sacrifice for you.
— Kebba | Ready To Love s1e1

“I think I’m very well understood by many people, and misunderstood by those who wish to misunderstand because they have an agenda that is different than mine.”
— Seeing Allred

“People push you, and then get surprised when you trip.”
— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club (2/1/2018)

“You’ve gotten by on your charm for so long that you haven’t developed a character.”
— Sweetbitter: Season 1/ Episode 1 “Salt”

I had to learn that it was okay to let things go and I wasn’t letting people go.
— Episode 2 “Getting Down The Aisle”

Love didn’t fail you, someone who didn’t know how to love failed you.
— “Side Effects of Insecurity.” – Small Doses (with Amanda Seales)

“The right kind of no is better than the wrong kind of yes.”
— “Let Go” 9-1-1

Being a victim is also comfortable for everybody else. Because when you take accountability for yourself and your own healing, a lot of people lose a bit of control. It’s easier to control a victim than it is to control a healed, evolved person.
— “EP 4: Girls Trippin’” Red Table Talk (Gabrielle Union)

I say no! And no used to be so terrifying because no means a boundary and if you put up a boundary, maybe people won’t come back.
— “EP 4: Girls Trippin’” Red Table Talk (Gabrielle Union)

You’re not hard to get at all, you’re hard to earn.
— Set It Up

Paige still trying to convince herself she can just be platonic with Sam.
Paige: In a totally platonic way, of course.

You like because, and you love despite.
— Set It Up

Lies are a form of disrespect.
— Blanca (Pose: Season 1/ Episode 7)

Great people make you better.
– Whoopi Goldberg (Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind)

[…] You are defined by what you say “No” to.
— Michael B. Jordan (Per Lacy Rose) – The Hollywood Reporter

May your heart remain breakable, but never by the same hand twice.
— Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour

We’re beautiful stories, we just don’t belong in the same book.
— Tiffany (Ready To Love: S1E11)

“Unfortunately, you have not mastered the art of sustaining platonic arrangements in the midst of extreme romantic attraction. All of the rationale you formulate to explain her current disinterest in you is simply a way of ignoring your many faults. The armor of stoicism you wear when you are in love.”
— An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

“[…] realism, pessimism, and cynicism are so much safer than the alternatives. You avoid disappointment by not indulging in your yet to be experienced desires. But you do disable your dreams in so doing. Their nature is a cause-and-effect thing. You must free them to work on you, and only then will they oblige you and come true.”
— An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

Even if we didn’t know the context, we were instructed to remember that context existed. Everyone on earth, they’d tell us, was carrying around an unseen history, and that alone deserved some tolerance.
— Becoming: Page 7

“Generally speaking, with a few notable exceptions, those that desire your company do not interest you in a way that would provoke you to set aside time to engage them. Those that do interest you, those for whom you would manufacture time, do not live in your vicinity, or do not seem so interested in you as you in them.”
— An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

If you are out there and you want to attract somebody, fall in love with yourself.
– Tina Lawson | Black Love s2e5


We think we’re going to kill our parents by confronting them. But people, including our parents, are often very much able to hear the truth. They may not take it well, but nobody dies from honesty.
— 217 (The Mother of Black Hollywood)

“We can’t choose our parents, but we can choose what traits to take from them.”
— The Quad: Season 2/ Episode 4 “I Am Not Your Negro”

For people who are supposed to love unconditionally, families seem to have a lot of conditions.
— Owen | Maniac (s1e8)


You’re never the right woman for the wrong man.
— Michelle Williams (The Breakfast Club)

“That doesn’t change you being my first love, but you can’t be my last.”
— Star: Season 2/ Episode 13 “Forward (E)Motion”

“Imagine going about your day knowing someone’s carrying you in their mind. That has to be the best part of being in love—the feeling of having a home in someone else’s brain.”
— “Page 43” Leah on the Offbeat

“Do you want to stay married or do you just not want another divorce?”
— Black Love: Season 2/ Episode 3 “Accountability”

“If you thought back then I couldn’t endure the tough times with you, why would you assume the I could live the good life you wanted with you now?”
— Us and Them (Hou Lai De Wo Men)

[…] if a kiss is such a big idea, then why is it such a small word? It should be long and difficult to say.
– Anne (Anne with an E: Season 2/ Episode 5)

The funny thing about it, is that it’s [love] the very thing that we were created for, yet it’s the place we struggle the most.
—Niecy Nash | Black Love s2e5


Some people got forethought. They got enough sense to move out of the way when a truck is coming. Other people got hindsight. Best they can do is get the license plate number after they got run other. Some people got neither.
— Percy | Greenleaf s3e8

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