In this post, you’ll find quotes collected from the OWN series: Love Is. I hope you enjoy the quotes collected.

Season 1

Episode 8 “Rose (Going Home)”

Title card for s1e8 of Love Is

It’s easy to keep a yes-man around, but a no-woman? That takes guts.
— Norman

I think that’s what love is: Being a witness for the one you love—their complete journey. Defeats, and victories.
— Wiser Nuri

Episode 6 “Supportive”

It’s not what you want, it’s what you negotiate.
– Angela

Scared money don’t make none.
– Norman

I worked so hard to be who I wanna be, and I can’t even be who I wanna be.
– Angela

Episode 5 “Acceptance”

“You know what really sucks about love? Even when you find it – you can’t always have it.”
– Keith

Episode 4 “(His) Answers”

Norman apologizing to Angela.
Norman: On behalf of myself and all the ancestors.

If it’s not part of the solution then maybe it’s part of the problem.
– Pearly

When you’re broke, people are always waiting for you to get past that point. Like it’s a cold you can eventually shake. But it’s hard getting past hungry. It’s hard depending on people. It’s hard being a man in the world and feeling like you’ve got no trinkets to prove it.
– Older Yasir

There’s a thin line between being loved and being used and guilt is the glue that holds that line together.
– Older Yasir

Episode 3 “(Her) Questions”

There’s this phase of courtship that I love, I call it “The Cocoon Phase.” Every caterpillar has to go through that moment to become a butterfly and I think every couple needs to go through that phase as well. To forget about the outside world and just focus on what’s happening on the inside.

Don’t overthink it. Go with it. Allow yourself to be led because half the time, we don’t know what we’re doing but our heart does.

Love is about daily leaps.

Episode 2 “First Date”

Title card for episode 2 of "Love Is"

Every black man wanna be the man that he dreams about bein’, no different than anybody else but society makes it so easy for us to compromise that. Offer us so little we take anything.

It was like the universe was conspiring against us or fortifying us.

[…] the trial is a test, the struggle is a blessing.

Episode 1 “Nuri and Yasir”

If all you’re doing is pointing out problems with no solution, then you’re a critic. You’re not a writer.

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