Title card for Love Is featuring Yasir in the shower.

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The man beyond the smooth-talking brother gets revealed to Nuri, while still getting to save his reputation with the audience.

Director(s) Tanya Hamilton
Writer(s) Mara Brock Akil
Air Date 7/3/2018

Dating Ain’t Easy For Us All: Angela, Nuri

While Nuri found someone, is head over heels, and beyond Yasir has a roster, life isn’t like that for Angela. For one reason or another, ain’t no fine brother stepping to her. So, she does online dating and she thought she found someone nice until they met in person. Revealing he lied about everything from his height, age, to his hairline. Making Nuri showing up to bail her out a blessing.


Angela telling Nuri to mind her business and help her get out of a date.
Angela: So you fall in love your way, and I’ll fall in love mine.

I wonder if Angela’s dating troubles are going to be addressed, much less her finding love? I get this is about Nuri and Yasir finding a way when most would give up, but being that Angela is dark skinned and struggling, don’t you want to see her happy ending too? Get some sort of guarantee Black love, whether you are light skinned or dark skinned, is possible? Because between Angela and Ruby being unhappy, it is kind of unfortunate the short end of the stick dark skinned sisters are getting.

Sorting Out Nuri’s Life and Past: Nuri, Yasir, Carol

For about 18 or so hours, things are blissful for Nuri. Yasir sweet talks her damn near into her panties and bra being on the floor, but sticks to his morals and faith and stops. Major points. Plus, while he catches a little attitude about her talking about her roster of potential exes, now that he is around, he doesn’t send up any red flags.

Though, her rose-colored glasses are slowly attempted to be taken off by her mom Carol. Someone who reminds her that she barely knows a damn thing about this man. Hell, until the neighbor points out he is living in his car, and shows her his stuff, she didn’t know the man’s last name. Still doesn’t even know his birthday! All she knows is there are a lot of questions to be asked and he is stalling on answering them.


Nuri trying to explain how she got through struggling with Yasir.
Nuri: Love is about daily leaps.

Everybody plays the fool and as noted in episode 2, there is a serious struggle in wrapping my head around how these two made it over the course of 20 years. Yasir may have a silver tongue, but he is such a project or work in progress, kind of dude. The kind which makes you wonder why is the situation never on the other foot when it comes to stories like this? I mean, we kind of got it in She’s Gotta Have It, but that’s about it. Otherwise, you don’t see men really go all in on a woman’s potential like we often see women, especially Black women, do for men.

Oh, and speaking of all in, I was surprised Nuri didn’t say nothing about Yasir’s script. She seemingly read a good bit of it but there was no conversation about what she thought. I guess that was supposed to be part of their conversation that night.

Handling Yasir’s Present: Ruby, Yasir, Nuri

Being that the only thing Yasir has is his car, and that isn’t working, and Sean isn’t much help, he finds himself back at Ruby’s. A place he just planned to steal an AAA card from but then he learns ole girl got liposuction. Why? Well, because she is built like a Black woman trying to convince white women, who’ll never naturally have her curves, she is fit and qualified to be a yoga instructor.

Leading to Yasir, and his actor Catlett, walking a tightrope. On one hand, when Nuri confronts him he is secretive as hell and closes the door in her face. But, on the other hand, Ruby is his ex, she never did him dirty, and she seems like a nice girl. Someone who clearly needs to be looked after and is also embarrassed as hell. There is a serious dual loyalty issue and Yasir is stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Yasir responding to Ruby thanking him for taking care of her.
Yasir: You’re welcome.

I NEED TO SEE GROWN ASS RUBY! I’m talking modern day Ruby. For something in me believes Yasir probably never stopped being friends with her, but definitely set up some boundaries. So I would love her take on all this mess.

Focusing on Yasir and Nuri’s relationship though, again there is a serious difficulty presented in believing these two stayed together. You had to hunt this man down and you found him at his ex’s apartment. A place where he was being mad cagey with information and seemed like he was sneaking around. Then, on top of that, he closed the door in your face, locked it, and walked away! For most people, that would be the end, thank you for the butterflies, I took a flamethrower to those mother*****rs.

Like, maybe I’m a skeptic but just considering Ruby is but surface-level secrets, never mind him being unemployed, broke AND having a kid? Silver tongue or not, why did Nuri put up with this? Especially when she had at least 1 good dude, in Keith, seeking her time and attention? I don’t know how much of this reflects Mara Brock Akil’s relationship with her husband, but when people in interviews asks “How much of this is real” I hope they don’t let that question go with a vague answer.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

There’s this phase of courtship that I love, I call it “The Cocoon Phase.” Every caterpillar has to go through that moment to become a butterfly and I think every couple needs to go through that phase as well. To forget about the outside world and just focus on what’s happening on the inside.

Don’t overthink it. Go with it. Allow yourself to be led because half the time, we don’t know what we’re doing but our heart does.

Love is about daily leaps.


  1. Yasir, despite him breaking up with Ruby, still showing he cares for her deeply. Which seems to confuse the hell out of Ruby but perhaps only because they just so recently broke up that she is still healing from that.
  2. A possible shout out for how hard dating can be for some sisters. Especially if they are dating online and don’t look like Nuri. Never mind wants

On The Fence

  1. This show seems like the type which will have Yasir do a bunch of grandiose comebacks to make you understand how Nuri and Yasir stayed together. But, sometimes it is really hard to believe a woman would put up with half of Yasir’s issues because he cute, talks slick, and has potential.

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