An image of someone, from behind, which has a live theater, film reel, notepad and pencils, a game controller, and a television.
Artwork by Dean Nelson (IG: sneak_ecloud)

The Goal of Wherever I Look

The overall goal of this website is to fill in that space between the average fan and critic. To be that person who formerly, when you went to the movie’s box office or when you went to Blockbuster, could say this is good, this you’ll only like if you are into that, or simply don’t waste your time. This is done by breaking down topics so that instead of a mountain of text, only broken up by quote blocks and pictures, things are fairly to the point.


How Are Posts Written?

A one-sentence summary either hinting at what happens or general feelings about the production.

Trigger Warning(s)
For unexpected moments, such as perhaps a rape scene not implied by trailers or the tone of the show, that is noted under the handle.

Play Through Time
To help inform those interested in playing or renting a video game, it is noted how long it took to finish the game. Percentage complete is also included for games which provide that.

Within this section, which is broke down into three topics for television series and books reviewed by the chapter, the notable storylines, and characters within them are noted. Commentary is also provided, underneath each summary, within TV recap and chapter by chapter recaps.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments
If something was notable but just didn’t fit into the recap/ review, be it the age of a character, further information about something said, it will be placed here.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
For some productions, there are topics left for future installments or for fans to debate amongst themselves. In this section, you’ll find questions worth keeping in mind for future entries into the series, or for discussion in the comment section.

Miscellaneous Commentary
When something doesn’t easily fit the context of the headings above or below, they are placed in this section.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs
If there is a line or moment that has just have to be captured, it is placed within this section and also placed in a monthly post which holds the collected quotes from the month.

As the name implies, here there is a summary of the highlights. Be it certain storylines, an actor’s performance, how excited the author is about the show’s future, and etc.

Low Points or Criticism
Here you’ll find some aspects of the production which would tempt you to not enjoy the production.

On The Fence
Here on Wherever I Look, there is a belief that there should be a gray area. Things that may depend on your taste, could have been done better, or weren’t consistently good, they are noted within this section.


The “Overall” section is used to summarize the information above and justify the category given. There is more on my rating system below.


What’s Your Rating System?

Rather than a number or grading system, things are labeled either Positive, Mixed, or Negative.

Can People Send Stuff To Be Reviewed?

You can either contact us by email, a Facebook message, or Twitter direct message.

Writing Style

Writers are encouraged to write more so in a conversational tone, as part of the goal of bridging the gap between the average fan and critic.