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Notable TV Series/Seasons Released in 2023

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With over 400 episodes of limited series, anime, and multiple-season shows, these are the notable shows we feel are worth checking out (assuming you haven’t already).
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The Creator (2023) – IMAX Theaters Special Preview Recap

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On August 29th, director and writer Gareth Edwards hosted a Q&A which featured three exclusive scenes from the upcoming “The Creator.” Here you’ll find information about the scenes and highlights from the Q&A.
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10 Villains That Deserve Their Own Movie

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From Psycho’s Norman Bates to Marvel’s Thanos, villains can be sympathetic, horrific, funny, or characters the audience loves to hate. Here are 10 villains that deserve their own movie.
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Let’s Not Jump to Conclusions: White Men Can’t Jump (1992) vs (2023)

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From the courts of the late twentieth century to the modern era, ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ takes the stage once again. The original brought a story to the game and the 2023 remake breaks barriers and defies expectations. Yet, this version still leaves audiences desiring true novelty despite the cheesy allure of its hapless twists and surface-level exploration of human suffering.
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A (Swarm 2023) of Parasocial Paradigms

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With overarching themes that demarcate our period as one of isolation; the producers created a show that makes us want to come together to chat about our shortcomings as a social community.
Sabrina Wu as Deadeye, Ashley Park as Audrey, Sherry Cola as Lolo, and Stephanie Hsu as Kat

Joy Ride (2023) – New Movie Coming Soon

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From the writers of “Family Guy,” “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Raya and the Last Dragon” comes a new comedy adventure set in Asia.
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Top Shows of 2022

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In the era where new seasons drop entire seasons in one day, and everyone is focused on quantity over quality, here are our picks of some of the best series/seasons in 2022.
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Top Movies of 2022

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Between movies and shorts, Wherever I Look covered over 230 productions in 2022, and here are our picks for what was the best of the year.