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#TimesUp Has Hit Black Culture

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It’s Time To Rise Up For Our Living Legends If We Want The Next Generation To Stand A Chance
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Diversity or Tokenism – Golden Globes 2018

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Hollywood is a very reactionary community. One which tries to please the masses while balancing what will actually make them, consistently, a large amount of money. Hence why it’s not just the quality but popularity which often determines who does and does not get nominated. Leading to the topic at hand: Are we in an age where diversity has become the norm, or has tokenism just evolved into affirmative action? Over the years, a lot of firsts have happened for Black, Latino, and also Asian actors. Just last night Aziz Ansari because the first Asian male actor to win in…

What’s Next For Andrea Lee, Creator of Got2BReal, Commonly Known as Patti LaHelle

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Source: Episode 65 of “What About Your Friends” (Starting around 53:45) Like many, I’m sure, Got2BReal was, is, and always will be, one of our favorite YouTube series. And while created Andrea Lee, commonly known as Patti LaHelle has moved on to greener pastures, unless you have kept up with her on @_maleficentt (No longer used) on twitter, or her new handle @andreamakesart (most recent post was 11/18/2019 after nearly a year hiatus), you may have wondered, what happened? Well, on the “What About Your Friends” podcast, while the details of why she stepped away aren’t dived into, or rather revisited,…

Why Hasn’t the #MeToo Movement Hit Black Comedy?

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The #MeToo movement exposing Hollywood’s most well known and titans and Louis C.K. being taken down due to his past perverted nature, should we expect our favorite Black comedians to be next?
Theory Behind The Title The Bird Revelation - Dave Chappelle

Theories Behind The Title – Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation

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Both of Dave Chappelle’s new comedy specials have titles which aren’t as self-explanatory as what most comedians offer. Now, Netflix provided a definition for Equanimity but what about The Bird Revelation? Well, here are some theories.

What I Learned Switching Hosting Providers

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So for the third time in, three years (maybe two), I switched hosting providers. Let’s break down the need to know in case you ever decide to do the same.

MoviePass – Overview/ Review

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With up and down pricing, currently $9.99 before taxes, MoviePass may seem tempting to you – let me give you the rundown.

Wherever I Look | Entertainment News (10/4/2017) – Recap/ Review

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Featuring: In “Surprisingly They Don’t Got A Book Coming Out” News – Lee Daniels on The Breakfast Club, Cher’s Broadway Musical “The Cher Show” to premiere Summer 2018 in Chicago, The Good Doctor Renewed, How To Sell with Jordan Belfort – An Interview on The Breakfast Club, A New Spike Lee Joint Set In The 1970s?, The Return of Men in Black, Lucy 2…

Entertainment News – Recap/ Reviews

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Featuring: Indie Feature: Waking Up White, Jennifer Lewis Announces book, How To Site: Pro Movie Blogger, Two New Sword Art Online Adaptations Announced, The Fall 2017 Anime Season Begins, The Charlie’s Angel Reboot

This Month on Wherever I Look – August 2017

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Links for “This Month on Wherever I Look” take you to their trailer. Expected Highlights Telltale Games’ Batman – Season 2 Owarimonogatari (Ge) Atypical The Return of Greenleaf The Glass Castle On The Fence Tulip Fever The Only Living Boy In New York Beach Rats Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Planned New Series TV Shows Atypical Marlon (Might only be the Pilot) Video Games Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Telltale Games’ Batman – Season 2 Last Month on Wherever I Look

This Month on Wherever I Look – July 2017

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Looking Back At June Numbers wise we are still living in a very post Thirteen Reasons Why boom era. However, new things are moving their way up the top 10 lists. For a moment there was this vibe, as I posted my collection of .gifs to maybe make that a thing again. It is still being considered but just like it isn’t always that easy to find a quote which really says something, there isn’t a huge amount of moments which make me want to take the time to make a .gif. Which can be a very simple process, but a…

This Month On Wherever I Look – June 2017

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Recap of May After the hype of Thirteen Reason Why died down, there was a bit of a nose dive in terms of views. Not a significant one, but still noticeable. But that can be contributed to the fact I skipped covering Sense8 as well as House of Cards. Instead opting for more movies and specials. Which, while they got a short pop for a few days, none really had much longevity. So, with the past behind us, let’s look toward the future. Here is what is currently planned to come This Month on Wherever I Look – June 2017.

Article: How Social Media Probably Hurts Actresses More Than Helps Them

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This article was inspired by a series of tweets by actress Kiersey Clemons on April 18th. You may know Clemons for Dope, Neighbors 2, Extant season 2, and a slew of others things.  To start off, her venting began due to the unequal pay between women of color and white women. For, as has been a problem for years, white women are the standard for inequality. Something which I’m not going to dig into because that is not my lane. But one of the many points Ms. Clemons was trying to make is that pay isn’t determined by talent as…

Response Article: Why Thirteen Reasons Why Doesn’t Romanticize Suicide (Contains Spoilers)

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You know, when anything is a hit people feel the need to jump on it and scrutinize it. Now, as I hope you see with this website, not all scrutiny and criticism comes from people making rash opinions but informed ones. Those of which come from a place that reminds us that not all entertainment should simply be seen as just that. Leading to the topic at hand. IndieWire, specifically writer Jude Dry, notes that without noting access to a suicide hotline, alongside the idea of, based on Gene Siskel’s 1973 interview with the Chicago Tribune, that they quote, there…

This Month on Wherever I Look – March 2017 Edition

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February Review So in February I finally decided to put money into what I spend a vast amount of my time. I checked out PC Mag’s “The Best Web Hosting Services of 2017” and originally started with Dreamhost. However, as their servers went down the day after I registered with them, I was scared off. So I checked out GoDaddy, which I regret, and then went to my current host 1&1. From there, I installed all the things wordpress formerly took care of for me. Something which wasn’t easy and certainly had a learning curve. Though, with that said, I’ve…

The Importance of a Strong Central Character in Any Series

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After several years of reviewing TV series and Anime, there is one thing that has always been clear: a Strong Central Character is necessary. There are multiple reasons why, but I’ve narrowed it down to two. The first reason is marketability.

February 2017: This Month on Wherever I Look

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A part of me doesn’t want to do this monthly, since I drop at least 25% of things I note I’m going to review, but at the same time I kind of like sharing what is planned. With that said…