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Featuring: Indie Feature: Waking Up White, Jennifer Lewis Announces book, How To Site: Pro Movie Blogger, Two New Sword Art Online Adaptations Announced, The Fall 2017 Anime Season Begins, The Charlie’s Angel Reboot Positive Waking Up White Part of this week’s indie feature is the Flexible (meaning they keep whatever money they raise), IndieGogo campaign for…


  1. Indie Feature: Waking Up White,
  2. Jennifer Lewis Announces book,
  3. How To Site: Pro Movie Blogger,
  4. Two New Sword Art Online Adaptations Announced,
  5. The Fall 2017 Anime Season Begins,
  6. The Charlie’s Angel Reboot


Waking Up White

Part of this week’s indie feature is the Flexible (meaning they keep whatever money they raise), IndieGogo campaign for Waking Up White. The gist is, a Black family wakes up white and has three days to choose between newfound privilege and the culture they were raised on. Considering the times we live in within America society, this potential dramedy could provide not only some interesting social commentary but also the type of conversations Dear White People was supposedly going to drive.

Jennifer Lewis Announces book


The legendary actress known for playing somebody’s momma, even if they were the same age, has a book coming out. Now, being that is 60 years old, unlike many other celebrities releasing books, it seems about the right time to put out her story. After all, she is perhaps in a renaissance when it comes to her career thanks to her work in Black-ish.

On top of that, arguably she is one of the few Black women, of a certain age, who has shown it is possible to have a very active career despite not being light skinned, soft-spoken, and dedicated to comedy. I already pre-ordered my copy, make sure to do the same.


Pro Movie Blogger


Though the website is only updated every few months it seems, let me tell you how I found myself combing through the articles and thinking of all that must be done by the end of January 2018. For whether it is interviews or how to make your blog into something you should consider a business, it is all there and given in easy bites.

Unlike a lot of articles you’d find online dealing with how to start a website or blog, there isn’t something presented here overly technical or as if you the author is recapping their career. One interesting article I found was how to use Reddit. A site that many, or just me, thought was just made for those who can’t get onto the dark side of the internet but want to peer into the window.

I started using Reddit a few weeks ago and not only does it bring more views to Wherever I Look, but it also helps fill the hole IMDB left when it shut down its message boards. So if you don’t necessarily have friends or family into the stuff you are, you may just find a community which will actively engage with you.

Two New Sword Art Online Adaptations Announced


According to Anime News Network, there will be a new season of Sword Art Online featuring the characters we have been following for two seasons. This is alongside another adaptation from the manga of the franchise featuring the anime debut of some characters. Needless to say, with there not being many anime which have multiple seasons, movies, OVAs, and spin-offs, this is good for the franchise and perhaps good for anime in general. Especially during a time when the simulcasting market is starting to expand and considering how Netflix co-produces shows for exclusive re-air rights, like it is doing with Alias Grace, maybe one day we may see Amazon, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and others make it so one season shows aren’t so often the norm for anime fans.

The Fall 2017 Anime Season Begins

No sooner than the Summer 2017 ends, the Fall 2017 anime season is beginning and it seemingly will have much more in the way of heavy hitters than what we saw for the summer. There is already some buzz for Black Cover and, speaking for myself, I’m already seeing around 17 potential shows that will be filling up the Wherever I Look calendar. Head on over to anichart, linked in the heading, to check out what is coming out in the fall.

Unfortunately, it isn’t clear yet where these shows may end up between Crunchyroll, Amazon’s Anime Strike, and others, but stay tuned!


Charlie’s Angel Reboot

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Kristen Stewart, who I can’t even recall seeing in something this high profile in ages, supposedly, according to Deadline, is in talks with Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o to be in the reboot of Charlie’s Angel, currently scheduled for release in June 2019.

Now, I love Kristen Stewart for reasons I can’t fathom, but this just doesn’t’ seem like a good move. That is, unless she plays a villain. That is the only way I can fathom this working well considering Stewart is at her best when playing pensive, quiet, or characters with mental issues.

As for Nyong’o? This could be a good follow-up to her being in Black Panther, and help continue to grow her star power. For while she was in Queen of Katwe as lead, her career follows many whose first big gig got her an Oscar. Pretty much, she has been stuck in supporting roles or films which have only niche appeal.


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