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Title Card - Little Monsters (2019) - Movie

Little Monsters (2019) – Movie Review/ Summary (with Spoilers)

Little Monsters surprisingly will make you emotional, laugh, and sometimes believe one of the kids will probably get eaten by a zombie.
Us (2019) - Title Card

Us (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

Us, at first, circumvents a lot of what you expect from a horror/thriller. However, after a while, it overstays it's welcome and its ending? Well…
Title card for August 28 A Day in the Life of a People featuring the date "8/28"

August 28: A Day in the Life of a People – Recap/ Review

August 28: A Day in the Life of a People needs to be a perennial feature on OWN, and a play done across the nation during Black History Month. Director(s) Ava DuVernay Screenplay By Ava DuVernay Date Released (On...
Black Panther title card

Black Panther – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Between having a sense of culture unlike the rest of the MCU, one of the best villains, female characters who are far beyond being simply love interests and so much more, Black Panther puts...

Entertainment News – Recap/ Reviews

Featuring: Indie Feature: Waking Up White, Jennifer Lewis Announces book, How To Site: Pro Movie Blogger, Two New Sword Art Online Adaptations Announced, ...