Marcus (Omar Epps) and Joe (Michael Ealy) talking over coffee
Marcus (Omar Epps) and Joe (Michael Ealy)

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A summary of how The Devil You Know (2022) ended and whether a prequel or sequel is possible.

Director(s) Charles Murray
Screenplay By Charles Murray
Date Released 3/31/2022
Where To Watch In Theaters
Noted Cast
Anthony Curtiss Cook
Marcus Omar Epps
Drew William Catlett
Terry Vaughn W. Hebron
Lloyd Glynn Turman
Della Vanessa Bell Calloway
Eva Erica Tazel
Stacy B.J. Britt
Al Theo Rossi
Joe Michael Ealy

How Did It End?

It is revealed that Drew is the one who killed the mother and father of that family and potentially beat up their kid as well. Also, when Al and Stacy become too difficult to manage, he shot both of them and made it look like a robbery. Now, why did things go so bad? Drew was struggling financially, which led to him getting involved with Al and Stacy, and with the robbery not going to plan, since everyone was home, Drew did what he had to do.

As for why he killed Al and Stacy? Marcus. Because Marcus left an anonymous tip that got detective Joe sniffing around, and Al isn’t the type to keep his cool, Drew had no choice. Al already busted Marcus upside the head and threatened to do far more than that, and with Stacy and Al being ride or die for each other and Drew on the outs? He had to kill them both.

However, while Marcus is aware Drew is involved, the rest of the family was in the dark. Eva knows some things, but as for Anthony, Terry, Lloyd, and Della? Never mind their the partners of Drew’s siblings? They didn’t know zip. Hence why, when Marcus decides to get this weight off his chest, because hiding Drew’s secret is one reason for him going back to alcoholism, Drew tries to stab him to death.

Now, is that a bit dramatic? Yes. However, what kept Drew from being absolutely at rock bottom was knowing that at least he wasn’t looked down upon by his family like Marcus was/ is. But once Marcus reveals that information and Drew sees how his mom and dad react, he decides to live up to the infamy Marcus just cast him in and go all out.

Which leaves us to wonder, will this lead to Marcus no longer protecting his brother? Well, the film doesn’t say. Joe enters Marcus’ hospital room, looking for information, and we’re left wondering if Marcus will, once again, give Joe nothing? Or if, after surviving a knife attack and feeling guilty about protecting a murderer, he’ll finally confess his brother is a cold-blooded killer.

Is There Sequel/ Prequel Potential

Technically, yeah. Sequel-wise, Marcus is right back at rock bottom, where he started the film, so we can watch him, and the family try to rebuild after what Drew did. Which between Marcus getting sober, Anthony dealing with how his brother’s reputation lost him business, and Terry having to reconcile his love for his kin with his faith, it could be a lot.

As for a prequel? How Marcus got so low, Anthony lost his faith, Terry went on the path to be a pastor, and Drew got involved with Al and Stacy could be of interest.

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  1. I’m waiting for the sequel and I hope they do one. I want to know how the family handled all this mess. There is much to still be told. Is Drew going to prison, will Marcus say anything, will the father and mother come to grips or not and separate? So many unanswered questions. I really liked this movie. It should have gotten a higher rating.

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