A summary of how HBO Max’s Moonshot (2022) ended and whether a prequel or sequel is possible.

Director(s) Christopher Winterbauer
Screenplay By Max Taxe
Date Released 3/31/2022
Noted Cast
Walt Cole Sprouse
Ginny Emily Rudd
Sophie Lana Condor
Jan Christine Adams
Calvin Mason Gooding
Leon Kovi Zach Braff

How Did It End?

Despite sneaking his way to Mars, Leon Kovi doesn’t punish Walt but rewards him! He uses him to make a viral campaign that pushes the idea that the trip to Mars isn’t just for people like Ginny, Sophie, Calvin, and the rest, but everyday people can and should dream of heading to Mars too. In fact, with the campaign going so well, Leon sets up Walt being the first to head towards Jupiter for a new planet Leon wants to colonize.

However, before he leaves, Walt seeks out Sophie. Someone who, at this point, has broken up with Calvin after realizing she has to fit into his dream, and they can’t just share similar interests. And with Calvin’s mom, Jan, reassuring her that she will always be her family, no matter the relationship status of her and Calvin, it seems Sophie plans to head back to Earth to continue her research into a plant that can eat trash.

Now, despite his deal with Leon, Walt makes his way to the ship heading back to Earth, and with Ginny having a Mars boyfriend and Sophie single, it seems Sophie and Walt pick up at the line both were tempted to cross while Walt was pretending to be Calvin on their way to Mars. Which leaves us watching them kiss and maybe becoming a couple.

Is There Sequel/ Prequel Potential

Not really. As noted in the review, Moonshot doesn’t drive much in the way of interest. It is the kind of film that gives you your YA romance fix, but the effect wears off quickly since Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor are more so comptabile than have chemistry. Add in no hint to something next for the two, and this could be a one and done that disappears into the darkness of HBO Max’s large media library.

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