I’m Not Here (2019) – Ending (with Commentary)

In this post, you’ll find spoilers and commentary on the ending of the movie I’m Not Here and whether there is sequel potential.

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Steve (J.K. Simmons) with his head in his hands.

In this post, you’ll find spoilers and commentary on the ending of the movie I’m Not Here and whether there is sequel potential.

I’m Not Here Ending

Noted Cast
Steve J.K. Simmons
Trevor Jeremy Maguire
Karen Maika Monroe
Adam David Wexler

I’m Not Here ends with, after 20+ years, Steve finally dealing with Trevor’s death and how that drastically changed his life. For previous to that, Steve, after battling alcoholism for years, finally got sober and got back to where he and Karen were in a good place. Heck, she was even talking about having a second kid. However, on Steve’s birthday, he takes his eyes off Trevor for just a second, and he gets hit by a car. Something which has haunted Steve ever since.

But, things end with Steve, at 60, reimagining himself saving Trevor and embracing him. Making it seem, rather than suppressing that moment with alcohol, isolation, and who knows what else, he will recognize it happened and deal with it. Hopefully leading to, as he did before, a period of sobriety. One which, unfortunately, won’t include his ex-wife Karen since, like their son, she died on his birthday.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What led to Adam, Steve’s college best friend, to having sex with Karen after Steve and Karen were married? Also, how long was that happening? On top of that, we don’t see Adam much, if at all, past him and Steve doing a comedy set for extra credit. So how that come about?
  2. While they divorced, and Steven starting to drink again was a factor, what happened over the 20+ year gap not addressed? Did they rough it out a while, still try to have another kid, but things were never the same? Could it be Karen blamed Steve, and after a while, he couldn’t take it anymore? While Steve’s behavior you can fathom, not getting a concrete answer kind of sucks.
  3. How long was Steve’s father messing around with men and was he gay or bi-sexual?

Is A Sequel Possible?

Yes. They could do this movie all over again but from Karen’s perspective. For if there is one issue with this movie is that it mostly focuses on the men and how they feel and the women? Well, they either walk to another room or just leave. We don’t get to see how they feel hardly at all. You can guess, but it isn’t front and center and something you have to deal with.

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I’m Not Here (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

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