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Coming to Wherever I Look New Shows Anime Be prepared for a lot of anime! Let’s go down the list Masamune-kun no Revenge Considering how much I love a good love story, especially with some kind of a twist, I find it strange that hasn’t translated too much toward anime. But with this show, here…

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Coming to Wherever I Look

New Shows


Be prepared for a lot of anime! Let’s go down the list

  • Masamune-kun no Revenge

Considering how much I love a good love story, especially with some kind of a twist, I find it strange that hasn’t translated too much toward anime. But with this show, here is hoping for a change.


  • Fuuka

Another romantic-seeming anime, but this one seemingly including ecchi!


  • Seiren

Another thing I haven’t watched a lot of is “slice of life” anime. For, in general, my anime viewing habits are either fantasy oriented, action oriented, or sci-fi. But, again, trying to broaden our horizons in 2017.

  • Youjo Senki

Does this show not have the creepiest poster you have seen in quite sometime? That aside, with Izetta neither fulfilling my desire for a cool witch storyline, nor one dealing with war, I’m of the opinion this show could more than make up for Izetta’s failings. Plus the lead seems pyscho. Psychotic characters are always a plus.


  • Demi-chan wa Kataritai

This anime seems cute and weird, and with that comes the hopes that with it featuring Demi-humans who supposedly are starting to be accepted in society, it may get deeper than it appears.


  • ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

Though the preview doesn’t show much, it seems that this show is going to be quite political and while I’m not much for politics in real life, and honestly it becoming tiresome hearing about American politics within the TV shows I watch, I’m quite excited for this. For while I have watched anime which had political elements before, though don’t press me to name one, it feels like it has been awhile.


  • Chaos;Child

From Chaos;Head, one of the first subbed anime I ever watched, to Steins;Gate, if I see a ; I’m in. Still will read the synopsis, check out the trailer, but at least for episode 1, I am in!


  • Kuzo no Honkai

I’ll admit that I’m a little bit emotional, after all I cry during the “A Dog’s Purpose” trailer whenever I see it, but I don’t recall crying a lot when it comes to anime unless someone dies. With this though, I’m crying during the trailer and this has me wondering if the series may have the same effect on me.


Live Action TV

Naturally, I’m gonna to review what maybe the last episodes of Girl Meets World, but there will be some additions to the roster, maybe.


This show has proven itself to be quite interesting so I’m going to keep watching that.

Emerald City

I don’t know what it is about Oz that keeps Hollywood coming back, but I gotta admit that its weird mix of Warcraft and Game of Thrones has me intrigued. Even if it is on NBC which means it’ll likely go downhill fast.


Chewing Gum

This awkward show my friend has been raving about and while I knew it existed when it first came out, it is kind of hard to get access to British shows. But it has recently come on Netflix so I’m going to hope that between YouTube or one of those VPNs which makes it seem you are in a foreign country, I can get to watch this the day of or the day after its original airing.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

While I’m a bit stuck reading “The Wide Window” purely due to disinterest because the plot for these books are just too similar book to book, I must admit the show has me intrigued. Partly because it is Netflix, as well as it supposedly being a more faithful adaptation to the books. Though I must admit, being that I’m not really a Neil Patrick Harris fan, I’m hoping there were some reigns put on him.


As usual, these dates are estimated and between availability (whether they are released local or VoD) and perhaps losing interest, I can’t guarantee the dates noted will be the dates they get a review posted. Now, where to even begin?

  • A Monster Calls

This has been out for awhile in New York, but there just didn’t seem like that type of factor which calls for the journey to get to the city. Thankfully, it gets released locally the first week of January and while Felicity Jones did nothing for me in Star Wars, I still rather like her as an actress. Plus I’m always in the mood for a tear-jerker.

  • Hidden Figures

While I’m for learning more about Black history, I must admit I’m slightly feeling like I’m guilting myself into seeing this. Not because I think it is bad, but mostly because I think it might be a tad bit corny. Granted, I’ll probably get emotional and enjoy the performances, but I do feel that there is going to be more comic relief moments than necessary and it is going to make this movie low-key feel like a comedy.

  • Between Us

I just saw a trailer for this and once I saw Olivia Thirlby, who I’ve been goo goo eyed over since Juno, there were no questions to be asked besides when and do I have to go to the city to see this? The answer is likely yes (-_-)


  • Graduation

Complicated relationships between a daughter and father, I’ll admit I’m not over the moon about watching this, especially with it being a 2 hour movie, but I’m on a foreign movie kick and don’t want it to end no time soon.


  • The Clan – Taken off Schedule

Another day, another foreign movie, another movie recommended by IndieWire which better not suck.


  • Sleepless

Admittedly I’m not a big action movie person. I like comedies, dramas, or those which teeter totter in between. Action films, off the bat, you know will come with a bunch of story issues, yet it’s Jamie Foxx. I mean, do I need to say more.

  • Paterson

I must admit that I have only the faintest of interest in seeing this movie. Adam Driver isn’t someone whose name gets me rolling out of bed and on the road to whatever theater has his movie. Yet, the trailer seemed cute. But I can already foresee pushing this movie back until it is relatively close and doesn’t require an out of city trip.

  • xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Ok, maybe I am into action movies. It’s just that I find it hard to deal with them being so jacked up on testosterone and having one, or a bunch, of Rambo styled heroes who seemingly can live, without hardly a scar, after being shot at, having knife fights, and flying about thanks to explosions.

  • Split

James McAvoy is one of my favorite actors and even if the movie seems like trash I’ll see him in it. Thankfully, alongside McAvoy is the lovely Jessica Sula, who is in the same position like him, meaning I’ll see whatever she is in, or in terms of Recovery Road at least give it a chance. Also it includes one of my newest favorite actresses Anya Taylor-Joy. So now we just have to hope M. Night Shyamalan isn’t continuing to prove that it isn’t only white directors who can release a string of bad movies and still get financing.

  • Take the 10

Honestly, I’m kind of unsure what this is and how I found out about it.

  • A Dog’s Purpose

I have been crying during the trailer for this for months. Mind you, I don’t even have a pet, don’t really want a pet, yet this movie about a dog is making me cry like I had one and it died recently.

  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

I don’t know why people say there was never a good Video Game movie when the Resident Evil movies exist. Are they the best thing out there? No. But it is an action movie. To me, unless they are trying to be some kind of Oscar bait, there aren’t a huge amount of action movies which balance explosions, gunshots, and fists with a real quality story. I mean, the only real good one I can think of offhand would be Central Intelligence, and I’d more so register that as a comedy with action elements.

  • Bastards

It has Glenn Close, Katt Williams, and J.K. Simmons in the same movie. That’s enough to sell me. Even if it has Owen Wilson and Ed Helms as the leads. Which is only a problem because they have two actors who usually are paired with a stronger actor paired with one another.

  • The Salesman

Another IndieWire recommendation but this one focused on a story from central EuroAsia!



I should have never installed Amazon Kindle or let Goodreads send me e-mails. I’m, at this point, just doing non-thinking purchases of books because they cost less than $5. So, with that said, the first Chapter by Chapter review of 2017 will be of “All The Ugly and Wonderful Things.” Of which the current aim is a chapter a week so likely it will spill over into later months but, as always, if I can pack more chapters into one post I will. Though with it being a e-book that maybe easier said than done.

all the ugly and wonderful things giveaway

Video Games

Honestly, outside of whenever WWE 2K17 comes for PC or the next Walking Dead episode, I think this section is going to be dry. Probably will remain dry too throughout the year since the only big name title, that I have an interest in, coming to PC is Mass Effect. Well, and Urban Empire.

From The Archives

Believe me when I say there is a strong part of me that wishes I would just start fresh, nevermind all these old reviews, and just move on, but alas I can’t. However, with the majority of the movies now posted, the focus now is TV shows. Of which, I’ve decided, to handle one of two ways. The first way is, if I am continuing the show, like with the case of I Am Jazz, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, and Girl Meets World, I’m going to just upload what I have thus far. However, for shows I’ve dropped and only have a season, or a handful of episode, I’m working on a sort of Series Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) based off how Karandi reviews entire seasons. One example would be their Gangsta. review.

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