What’s Next For Andrea Lee, Creator of Got2BReal, Commonly Known as Patti LaHelle

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Source: Episode 65 of “What About Your Friends” (Starting around 53:45)


Like many, I’m sure, Got2BReal was, is, and always will be, one of our favorite YouTube series. And while created Andrea Lee, commonly known as Patti LaHelle has moved on to greener pastures, unless you have kept up with her on @_maleficentt (No longer used) on twitter, or her new handle @andreamakesart (most recent post was 11/18/2019 after nearly a year hiatus), you may have wondered, what happened? Well, on the “What About Your Friends” podcast, while the details of why she stepped away aren’t dived into, or rather revisited, her process in how the show was crafted was.


For example, can you believe that all the voices not done by her were sent by e-mail? The people she worked with, after of course agreeing to work with them, they’d just send her rants in these legendary singers voices and she would work with that and piece those together in order to craft the above legendary episodes. All of which, the way it seems, she didn’t plan out in a traditional manner. There weren’t necessarily scripts or even planned directions for each episode. It was a lot of call and response and making it work. Which, as you can imagine, and Lee even notes, has left her with quite the unreleased archive of material. Including, some Dionne Warwick stuff Lee makes out to seem like quite the highlight.

Alas, that was then and this is now and she has taken her talents to focus on a few things. The major one at the moment is Lee joining, as an understudy, the national tour of “Amazing Grace: The Musical” [Get Tickets Here] alongside being one of the writers for a web-series named “Pretty Dudes,” of which you can watch the complete first season below.


Though what many of you may also find exciting is that original work is also on the horizon. Her podcast talked about last fall seems to be on hold, but there seem to be scripts in progress. The kind where, if a major backer doesn’t come along, she sounds willing, able, and determined to go the indie route and use her money and shoot her own film on a phone if she has to.

So, while some of the characters that had you dying laughing might be gone, it seems Andrea Lee is already cooking up your next obsession. Of which, it has been portrayed that her new handle, @andreamakesart likely is the best place to await announcements. For while she will still use @_maleficentt, there is this vibe with her starting a new chapter in her career, she may have outgrown her old handle.

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