This Month on Wherever I Look – April 2017 Edition

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I’m going to treat this more as a blog update vs. a long post.

Next Scheduled Chapter by Chapter Book

So, sometime this month I’m going to start a Chapter by Chapter review of Stephen King’s IT. It won’t be on the schedule only because, 1. I don’t know when exactly I’ll start it, 2. I really do want to finish Trevor Noah’s book first, and 3. I have such an issue with the Chapter by Chapter reviews since I can read 3-4 chapters a day and, frankly, the Kindle sucks when it comes to doing Chapter by Chapter reviews. [note]Mostly because, the keyboard is not note taking friendly and the easiest way to get my notes, and quotes, from the kindle to PC is access the “My Clippings” documents on the Kindle. Which gives locations and all that for a book, but it isn’t like when I was just using Google Books which was so much easier to deal with.[/note]

But, in general, I don’t think chapter by chapter reviews will be scheduled on the calendar until I finish a review of a chapter, a bunch, or a section. Then they will be placed on the next empty, or light, day.

Spring 2017 Anime

A new anime season has started and, as of today, I already have one to track (Alice to Zouroku). In the calendar, you can check out the others which, between this weekend and next, are due to have their premieres reviewed. I’m hoping to at least get 3 but no more than 8.

From The Archives Project

In order to keep new content on the front page, from now on all “From The Archives” postings will be backdated. Either with the date they originally posted or just far back enough where they won’t pop up on the first page which comes up. This is mostly being done for I really don’t desire to put 3-5 episodes in one post.

The only exception will be stuff which would be put in “The Works of Amari Sali.”

Screen Caps

So, instead of just finding someone’s .gif on Tumblr or doing a google search, I’m going to use screen caps in posts. I’m hoping they don’t slow down the page loading. But, I do think they make for a nice addition. Even if they slow down me finishing shows and movies.

Also, on Instagram, like done for Thirteen Reasons WhyI’m going to posts a sort of “Best of” when it comes to the screen caps.

Things To Be Excited For This Month

I’m not going to do a complete rundown of new shows or movies that will be covered. Since, honestly, most of them I end up cutting, as seen in the March 2017 post. However, I do wish to note the calendar does feature some interesting programs this month. Louis C.K.’s comedy special should be posted today, we got Little Boxes featuring Nelsan EllisSleight, which got pushed back for some reason and, again, so many anime.

But also, Andi Mack finally premieres and of course there is The Get Down and Dear White People. So, needless to say, we’ll be busy.

Light Days

With HBO having nothing of interest, to me anyway, until Insecure and Game of Thrones return in July, outside of Netflix marathons [note]God help me[/note] my Sundays and Mondays are going to be light. With that in mind, I’m thinking of just going through Netflix and finding movies I don’t hear about. That and, eventually, maybe creating reviews for the movies lost from when WIL 1.0 was lost.

It’ll be interesting to see if, multiple years later, I still would recommend them, much less think they are worth seeing.

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