The Works of Amari Sali

The Works of Amari Sali

Collected Quotes


10+ Things I’ve Learned Since I’ve Started Blogging Reviews

How Social Media Probably Hurts Actresses More than Helps Them

The Importance of a Strong Central Character in Any Series

Why Thirteen Reasons Why Doesn’t Romanticize Suicide (Contains Spoilers)

Speculative Scripts

Redefining Realness: Season 1/ Episode 1 “I Always Knew”

Journal Entries

Poetry/ Prose

Something or Someone Tell Me (Part 1)/ (Part 2) | Undiscovered (Version 2) & (Version 1) | Color Complex | I Always Leave A Trace of Me Behind (NSFW) | (Sometimes) I Hate That I Know You… | The Fading Red Rose | Her Hands | The Reason My Skin is Black | Brown Eyed Blues | Something I Wanted to Tell You |  Valentine’s Day Message | Valentine’s Day Message #2 | Valentine’s Day Message #3 | All That You Are Worthy Of | It’s Been So Long (Part 1) | Molded of Clay | Our Promise

Short Stories

Life Behind a Painted Mask | Fallen Star: Chapter 1 | Maiden of the Blue Moon

Birthday Cards

Birthday Card (Father) | Birthday Card (SB) | Birthday Card (KJ) | Birthday Card (WA) | Birthday Card (NKM) | Birthday Card (EW)
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