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Ms. Pat’s Show Has Found A New Network

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While Lee Daniels and writer of the show Jordan E. Cooper announced in April the untitled Ms. Pat show was still in development, there is a new update.
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Movie Poster

Star Wars Episode IX: Trailer Review, & What’s Next

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Rather than just giving an opinionated response to the trailer then (really it was a fairly standard Star Wars trailer), we thought we’d break it down objectively and discuss the biggest question: Now what?
Happy Death Day 2U - Title Card

Happy Death Day 2U Ending (Spoilers)

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With Happy Death Day 2U officially out, it seems like a good time to talk about the ending and the possible future of the franchise.
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Highlights From The Month of January 2019

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In this post, you’ll find the shows and movies noted to be worth checking out as well as some of the top performances and scenes for the month of January 2019.
The Wherever I Look logo featuring a film reel, a video game controller, old school TV set, a stage, and more done by artist Dean Nelson.

Breakouts of 2018

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With 2018 officially over, here is a list of actors who challenged expectations, and whose future productions should be on your radar.

The Tattooist – First Impression

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From the creator of “The Story of 90 Coins” comes “The Tattooist.” A horror pivot that, just in its trailer, seems like it’s gruesome.
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Everybody Digital – Recap/ Review

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Everybody Digital, as a platform, has promise, but it is missing a handful of bells and whistles which seem essential for lasting success.
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Understanding the Rise & Fall of MoviePass

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Long before MoviePass was a ridiculously low $9.99, I was a fan since screeners and screenings aren’t given out and movie tickets are expensive. Plus, at nearly $50 at one time, sometimes beyond because MoviePass has been a reactive company since the get-go, I easily got bang for my buck. Heck, I went to see more films to make sure I got my money. Damn their idea that I’d treat my card like a gym membership. However, to understand MoviePass’ rise and fall you have to go by stages. That is, before the $9.99 pricing and after.
Cyrus resting his head on Buffy's shoulder as they look at Jonah jealous and Andi dancing with a boy.

Highlights from BUILD Interview with Andi Mack Cast

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In a BUILD video published on 2/21/2018, the cast of Andi Mack, specifically Peyton Lee, Lilan Bowden, Joshua Rush & Sofia Wylie spoke with Matt Forte. Here are some highlights.
Viola Davis being interviewed

Why “Being The Black Meryl Streep” Means Nothing For Viola Davis’ Pay Disparity

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Yes, she has won an Oscar, has an Emmy, and has two Tony awards. However, as Mo’Nique can attest to, Tracee Elliss Ross, and maybe even Halle Berry, what does a gold statue mean? But, focusing on Davis specifically, some of the issues we need to address in the Meryl Streep comparison is the diversity or Ms. Davis’ roles and also what her presence does for a film. To begin, as of now, there hasn’t been any major motion picture Viola Davis has been the star in, meaning not part of an ensemble, like Suicide Squad, that has gone over…
Chris Rock saying "Nobody gives a fuck about your opinion."

Things Likely To Flare Up From Chris Rock’s “Tamborine”

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From Cardi B and Chris Brown disses, to his views on bullying, religion and how he is, jokingly, socially conditioning his daughters, Chris Rock says some eyebrow-raising things. Bets have begun for what may pick up traction.

Liebster Award Nomination

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Seemingly yearly, the blogging community, for me Wordpress, nominate each other for the Liebster Awards, Karandi of 100 Word Anime nominated me and with the nomination comes some questions. Here are my responses.