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Making a case that in the Netflix film Bird Box the “villains” of the film are actually some form of angels.


In the Netflix release, Bird Box, we never get to see the “creatures” that are causing sane people to go mad die. The sole example we get that gives us some clue is one character, Gary, drawing them. Also, Charlie, played by Lil Rel, brings up the idea of celestial creatures early on in the film (around 18 minutes in). However, in the film, no one knows anything to present facts.

Miscellaneous Commentary

The Case for Angels

When it comes to celestial beings, we have made it so the epitome of evil, as in Lucifer, is demonic looking and we are led to assume angels look like models. However, there is one bible passage, Luke 2:10, which has one line which always gave me pause. Simply put, the line is “Fear not” or “Do not be afraid,” depending on your bible, when they appear before a human being.

Now, in terms of Bird Box, taking note of Gary’s drawings, it could be assumed those horrific figures are angels and what the world is experiencing is an apocalypse. One which, since mankind is quick to call someone crazy if they say they see angels or speak to God, no one was able to hear the warning of. And, really think about it, seeing a celestial being has to be a maddening experience. Plus, because the film is so vague, we don’t know what the mission of these angels are. Yet, based off them only focusing on the everyday people, babies, and fools, ignoring the wicked, clearly they are only targeting certain individuals. Individuals who, I should add, we don’t hear them outright say to kill themselves. They do it on their own, usually in the way they would suffer the least. Well, with the main exception being Douglas’ wife, who sits in a burning car. But considering she sits there without a single scream, who is to say they didn’t take pain away from her so she wouldn’t suffer?

Gary's angel drawings.Now, I will admit, there are some flaws to this idea. The big one is why would a structure made of wood, metal, any material, stop an angel? There is also the need to question why would angels descend in Russia and then spread across the world from there? If they began somewhere in Africa or the middle east, it would push the biblical correlation further. However, Russia is just random.

However, the case for angels is strong as we are presented the idea this isn’t caused by an alien attack for the effects are not viral nor instant. Also, no government or terrorist group are noted about unleashing something or experiments. The only way these beings can have an effect on you is to see them and while demons seem like an option, do you think demons wouldn’t prolong everyone’s suffering? That demons wouldn’t focus mostly on the weak and easy to pick off? You know, as an act against God who protects the weak and feeble, alongside women and children?

Also, you have to take not these beings can imitate the voices of both the living and dead, including those who died before the visions began. Adding another reason to believe these beings are otherworldly. Not to forget, during all this, the only interest the beings have are humans. If this were demons skulking about, do you think they wouldn’t find a way to silence birds so that they could move about stealthily? That is, rather than focus solely on their mission which seems to be showing humanity the light, the truth, or whatever it is that drives the average person insane?

What do you think? Could these be angels or do you have another being in mind?

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