In this tag, you’ll find all the productions which were available on Netflix’s platform when they originally premiered.

Katt Williams: Woke Foke (2024) Movie Review

Taking advantage of how the Club Shay Shay interview has pushed him to be seen as a truth teller, “Katt Williams: Woke Foke” tests whether audiences are ready for the truth.

Lift (2024) – Movie Review

In what is another push to transform Kevin Hart from his “Big Little Man” persona into a legitimate action star, he leads a heist crew forced to work for Interpol.

Good Grief (2024) – Movie Review

In “Good Grief,” the universality of loneliness is explored, whether single due to death, a break-up, rejection, or just never getting to be “The One.”

Dave Chappelle: The Dreamer (2023) – Review

Dave Chappelle continues to pursue being that mischievous kid who feels validated to double down on a joke as long as he can get a laugh. But, when the jokes subside, you realize the controversy is an act, and there is depth beyond the superficial.

Bad Lands (2023) – Movie Review

While it has a bit of a slow start, once “Bad Lands” gets into the personal drama of its lead with others, it picks up quickly.

Maestro (2023) – Review and Summary

Like Leonard Bernstein himself, Bradley Cooper’s “Maestro” stays intriguing and frustrating in what it decides to show and hide about the legendary composer.