The Party’s Just Beginning gives you the quarter-life crises some of us have had and others fear may come.

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The Party’s Just Beginning gives you the quarter-life crises some of us have had and others fear may come.

Director(s) Karen Gillan
Written By Karen Gillan
Date Released 12/7/2018
Genre(s) Drama
Good If You Like Movies Which Are Depressing
Noted Cast
Liusaidh Karen Gillan
Alistair Matthew Beard
Ben Jamie Quinn
Dale Lee Pace
Donna Rachel Jackson

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The Party’s Just Beginning‘s Plot (Ending on 2nd Page)

Liusaidh is 24, lives with her parents, and has a dead end job. Her only escape from the monotony of her life is going on dancing, having sex with random men, and Alistair. However, one by one the things which were part of her routine in life either lose their luster or she no longer has access to them. Thus leading her to hit a rock bottom of sorts in order to conjure up some kind of feelings – even if just the ability to feel sorry for herself.

Yet, as told by a man on the phone, this is only the beginning.


The Quarter Life Crisis Depiction

Between Liusaidh and Alistair, we are reminded why the mid-20s can be quite a horrible time in a person’s life. Yes, you may have friends, a job, can drink, but it doesn’t mean you have the tools to be happy. Take Alistair, to start off. He is around Liusaidh’s age and is dealing with gender identity issues alongside a boyfriend whose religion gets in the way of their love. And while he tries to be patient and understanding, there remains conflict. The kind which, of course, Liusaidh tries to step in for, at least in terms of telling, maybe reminding, Alistair he does have her, but clearly that isn’t enough.

After all, there comes a point in life, maybe not for everyone, but certainly for some, where friends aren’t enough anymore. You need to love and validation of a reciprocal relationship. There is a need to feel sexy and not just be told you are. For someone to see you as someone to be in a relationship vs. relationship material. To be with someone who either shares in your happiness or makes you happy in ways that, with a friend, sometimes they just seem like a placeholder.

Switching to Liusaidh, what we get from her is the same thing but rather than from the perspective of a gay man, it is a young woman. One who has to deal with people thinking a guy should be the goal in how she presents herself. Being pushed into this idea that certain things will never be enough and just trying to find someone who is more than a lay, like Dale, but is also invested in who you are. You know, what you’re going through.

An adventure which is tiring and draining, and almost requires you to become numb. For to be truly awake, deal with the pain that is not living the dream you were sold could be as a child, it is too much. To deal with the fact you aren’t enough for your friend, or some guy, it is a bit too much. So, what else can you do but become numb and then fear how numb you’ve become? Thus leading you on a path to feel something. Often by doing something reckless.

In these two, we see a dark, less hopeful side to growing up.

On The Fence

There Is No Comic Relief or Moments When Things Get Better – Until Maybe The End

Alistair (Matthew Beard) before he commits suicide.
Alistair (Matthew Beard)

If you’re the type who can’t take a straight drama that doesn’t have a silver lining, this may not be the movie for you. Alistair is not the comical gay guy who, despite it all, is funny, flamboyant, and lights up every scene he is in. While part of the community, and a touch femme, he is not that extrovert we’re used to seeing who lightens up any and all situations he’s in. He is as down some as Liusaidh but for different reasons.

And to add onto how far down the rabbit hole this sends you, there is a rape scene in the film, nothing graphically depicted, which is shrugged off. Also, as much as Dale may come off as a means of hope, he isn’t. The only difference between him and the others is he, eventually, decides to share his name and a little about himself. Thus giving you a film which isn’t so much about how things get better but more so you just keep pushing on and finding people or things which make it worth living.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing) | Purchase or Rent On (Amazonir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=1cf942ab745a3af396ef9b878e9131f5& cb=1545666727180)

I think for many this would be mixed because it just beats on you too hard at times. However, I’m rating it positive because I love the idea of a film which doesn’t present the perpetual idea that, eventually, it gets better. That films need to have happy endings or seem like they are on an upturn. For sometimes it doesn’t get better. Sometimes, the best that can be expected is when you decide it’s time to go, you know of someone who deserves, or would want a note. If not, to not take lightly the decision some make to commit suicide, you just figuring out whatever vice works for you to get to the point your body is ready to shut down – due to old age.

Which I know is really dark and may not sound like something you should jump to watch. However, there does come a point you’ll need to mix things up. That last minute happy endings, or epilogues, will make you feel you have seen the same movie over and over. When that happens, you’ll be ready for The Party’s Just Beginning to give you something different. To not give you what most people want, hope in the end, but to face the realities people go through – even when as young as Alistair and Liusaidh.

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