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The Party’s Just Beginning Ending (Spoilers)

Title card of The Party's Just Beginning.

After seemingly doing all she can to avoid the fact Alistair committed suicide, and Liusaidh saw him jump and get run over by a train, she accepts his death. She takes note that part of his story is that, after coming to terms he was trans, trying to keep Ben in his life, too many bad things happened to make life worth living. Be it his dad dying, Ben leaving him, being assaulted, randomly, in public, it was all too much. Too much for even drugs and Liusaidh to balance out.

And as for Liusaidh? Well, she hits rock bottom as well. She loses her job, ends up probably having a train ran on her by three guys, and she has no one to talk to about this. Well, besides some stranger who called looking for a helpline but got her. As for the people in her life? Her mom, dad, friend Donna? Not them. In the end, all she has is herself, drinking, and partying to get through life. So, even with the caller trying to wake her up, it seems for her the party is just beginning. So she calls Donna and asks if she can do her nails so they can get smashed. Making the only change in her routine being dolling herself up a tad bit. Even considering all that happens over the course of the film.

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