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EGOT winner Whoopi Goldberg sounds off on actress Bella Thorne’s recent hacking scandal and shows little mercy.

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Actress Bella Thorne, a former Disney Starlet, commonly known for the TV Show Famous In Love, as well as romance films like Midnight Sun and indie movies like Ride and I Still See You was hacked. And, like most young actresses who have been hacked, there was a threat of nude pictures being leaked. In this situation, her bare breasts. Now, being that Thorne has gone through a lot, and has been on a journey of regaining her autonomy, rather than be extorted, she released her nude photos on Twitter.

This led to varying response, but one of the loudest currently is that from the legendary Whoopi Goldberg. Now, being that Whoopi is old school, also very comfortable in being controversial, rather than praise Bella for reclaiming what is hers, she questions the creation of nude pictures in the first place. Her reasoning being, as a celebrity, it should be expected people will try to hack you so why give them something to use against you?

As you can imagine, Thorne, who is a very emotions on her sleeves kind of gal, didn’t take well to this. In fact, despite being scheduled to go to the view, to support her upcoming book, now she doesn’t wish to go. Not just due to the likelihood of being questioned, maybe feeling attacked, but because she doesn’t understand Whoopi’s message, perhaps tone, in her admonishment of Thorne.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. At this point, do we even hold Apple, Google, whoever, responsible for being hacked? Granted, you don’t have to back up your files. However, considering most products seem to start breaking down within a year or so, and some don’t allow SD cards, aren’t you coerced into that system if you want to keep your data?


So, we’re going to blame a girl who might have taken the photos for not just her significant other but herself? Perhaps photos she wanted to use for days when she isn’t feeling on the up and up? We’re going to push a culture that blames the victim just because there is the possibility she could be hacked?

Okay, so let’s just say her pictures weren’t in the cloud but on a laptop that was stolen – one she doesn’t connect online, but someone broke into her house and stole it. Does that change things? What about if she lost her phone? How about if someone were taking pictures of her instead? Would she then get sympathy and be seen as the victim rather than someone who, the way Whoopi makes it seem, set themselves up?

I mean, I get Whoopi is old school but with age should come wisdom, right? I’d hope understanding would come with getting older, especially in Whoopi’s case since it isn’t like, even before The View, her life didn’t court controversy. Her affair with Ted Danson, of The Good Place fame, and all that happened then should inspire some empathy. But, I guess, Whoopi is the type who, with age, comes stubbornness and empathy only for those who she agrees with, are close to, or whose association can benefit her. As for a young starlet? That’s just fodder for daytime TV.

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It should be noted Bella Thorne does have a book coming out. However, considering what she speaks of in the BUILD interview below, thinking this is a publicity stunt is beyond shameful.

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