It Was Announced Trinkets Is Ending After It’s Second Season – Here Is Why That’s A Good Thing

Netflix has announced a renewal and ending of it’s recent premiere Trinkets, let’s hope this will start a new pattern for them and other networks.

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Netflix has announced a renewal and ending of its recent new show Trinkets, let’s hope this will start a new pattern for them and other networks.

In the age of streaming, everyone waits on bated breath for renewal announcements and when things get cancelled, so begins the uproar. One which drowns comment sections in renewal hashtags and many seeing more engagement after something ends than while it still was active. Not to forget, we also get that generic press release from the creators and producers letting fans know, and the industry at large, that they are seeking other outlets.

Which is why you have to appreciate Netflix announcing early Trinkets won’t get a third season. More often than not, the problem with cancellations is that it doesn’t allow anyone part of the show to plan. Like in the case of Star, it comes after the season is over, and before the writers convene. So there is just this cliffhanger, an ellipsis, and no resolution.

But, with Trinkets getting months to plan a proper ending, it means closure and it allows the staff to set up their next projects, actors time to plan, and hopefully something which won’t lead to fan uproar. Well, at least not on the level many of us are used to seeing. Leading to us hoping this becomes a thing, especially for the streaming companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and others who not only have the money for closure seasons but don’t have to worry about time slots.

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