Desus Flips Out During His Smart, Funny, and Black Appearance in Brooklyn

The receipts are out: Watch Desus, of Desus and Mero, flip out during the Lituation 101 Tour of Smart, Funny, and Black.

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During the almost completely sold out tour, covered here, Desus of Desus and Mero, aka the Bodega Boys was scheduled to be a contestant during the Brooklyn stop of Smart, Funny, and Black. Now, let it be noted, with the game show hosted by Amanda Seales, and winners voted on by a sold-out crowd, you can understand Desus being a bit nervous. After all, it’s a mixed crowd and Seales didn’t reveal who is coming to which show. So, with that in mind, it wasn’t stans for him, nor Joe Budden in the audience. Just people seeking a Black ass time.

However, thank to liquor courage which inspired drunken f***ery, Desus got in his feelings. He got upset when he didn’t get the reaction he wanted to a joke, and started to get mad at the audience, Joe Budden, as well as Amanda Seales. Eventually walking off the stage. Which led to Seales calling him out just in a simple IG story, but now those not in attendance have access to what happened on stage and behind the scenes.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, if their show was still on, would Mero roast Desus for this? Can he get Donkey of the Day for this?

Miscellaneous Commentary

As noted, I saw this show live and will admit the idea of a bunch of Black faces, that aren’t necessarily your fans, judging you can be scary. Also awkward as hell for while you are prep for what is to come, to my understanding, Seales isn’t giving you the questions. She may not even tell you what games are going to be played. If anything, like she expects her audience to trust her, she hopes the same will come from the contestants.

Speaking of the show I went on, Franchesca Ramsey was clearly uncomfortable and even noted her anxiety. After all, that show was not something scripted and wasn’t her gig. Plus, as many of us know, Black people can be your biggest cheerleaders, stanning for you like there is no tomorrow, or will drag you like a heavy log and then roast your behind all through the night. Yet, again so comes, as Seales says in the video, trusting her and even the audience a bit.

For while Black culture will come for you, if there is an effort and you trying, you can be given a pass. We respect effort and recognize some people can have an off day. However, disrespect us, be a diva without a resume to back it up? NAH! Add on Amanda Seales is consistent about quality and you are disrespecting her and this venture to present a type of platform and game show that currently doesn’t exist? GTFOH! But let it be noted, in the video she notes Desus isn’t the only one to let liquor mess up a good time. It just seems he was one of the few to slip up on camera.

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Check out the full video on @Smartfunnyandblack within their IGTV – Episode 3 – Around 7:19 – Check out a preview below.

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