A handful of likely highlights from the first half of 2019 (with some exceptions).

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Haley Lu Richardson

Increasingly, Richardson has found herself stealing the movies she has been cast in and after Columbus, it seems people started to understand while fully capable of being an indie darling, like Elle Fanning, she could be more. Leading to one film, which may likely become huge, alongside another which may not be a box office smash, but certainly will become a major feather in her cap.

Five Feet Apart – Mar 22, 2019

Yes, this is yet another YA novel adaptation. However, it is undeniable the

chemistry between Cole Sprouse and Richardson feels a bit different than the many John Green adaptation we’ve seen, among others. For though we do have your usual terminally ill teens, with a boy who likes to wear dark colors, is kind of lanky, long hair, and is quite sarcastic, the others didn’t have Richardson. Someone who, in general, has the kind of presence which helps you understand why the other character would fall in love or change for her.

But one thing that should light your fire is that two of the contributors of the book wrote the movie. Meaning this isn’t someone who “Was a huge fan of the book” making the screenplay but the actual writers. Which, strangely, doesn’t happen all that often.

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The ChaperoneMar 29, 2019

Another adaptationir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=5f5d1651e02fec781747c610eab1c3c6& cb=1546743662628, but this time set in 1920s New York and with Richardson paired with Downton Abbeyir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=7a2a9edc9c3d0e1a2a424ccbd78d17b8& cb=1546743631867 alumni Elizabeth McGovern and its creator Julian Fellowes writing the script! Richardson will play the lead, a soon to be famous silent-era film star who is chaperoned by McGovern’s character. Considering McGovern’s character isn’t her mother, nor friend, their relationship is contentious, to say the least. Add in, both are trying to escape their past, for Richardson’s character, her past is middle America, and you got something which could be juicy. Especially as Richardson and McGovern’s characters discover themselves in 1920s New York.

Jaboukie Young-White


Sometimes it really is all about timing. While fairly new to Hollywood, Young-White has already secured a spot on The Daily Show, written for Netflix’s Big Mouth and American Vandal, and performed on the Tonight Show – twice. But, what also makes him a person of interest is that he is a young queer male of color who does stand up. Something which stands out a bit for while he isn’t the first, by a long shot, arguably we haven’t seen someone get the same kind of opportunities he has thus far had. Making what could happen to him in 2019 exciting. Even if it is but Netflix giving him a special, as part of a larger compilation, or maybe taking note he wrote on two of their biggest shows and decides to give him his own program.

You never know.


Glass – Jan 18, 2019

With the return of the characters from Unbreakable, mixed with James McAvoy’s characters in Split, Glass will probably be the final sledgehammer taken to the idea January is when studios dump their movies.

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Rocketman – May 17, 2019

Hollywood lives off adaptations but one of the few kinds which likely critical praise and box office numbers are musical biopics. Well, not universally, for Bohemian Rhapsody has iffy reviews, sans Rami Malek’s performance. However, with the focus of the movie, Elton John, very much alive and Taron Egerton showing he is going to be getting his own pedestal this generation (meaning people will say they are the next Taron Egerton) there is much to be excited about. Particularly since it seems like the film isn’t going to shy away from Elton John’s extravagance or seem like it is trying to protect a brand – like Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Alita: Battle Angel – Feb 14, 2019

While delays often are made to seem like something to worry about, see the last X-Men movies, also distributed by 20th Century Fox, Alita: Battle Angel has instead built up hype. For while fans of the original have taken issue with some of the visuals, those less familiar have just seen star Rosa Salazar kick ass and take names. Plus, considering this is a James Cameron movie, it’s doubtful he’d ever allow something he not only produced but co-wrote, damage his multi-billion dollar brand.

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US – Mar 15, 2019

With Get Out in his rear view, US on the horizon, and The Twilight Zone coming up, it is clear Jordan Peele is trying to be crowned one of the newest kings of Horror. However, it takes more than one hit to prove that and with US, it seems he has all but had his coronation. But, to really show his might, once again he takes notable Black talent, alongside a few unknowns, and respected actors like Elizabeth Moss, on a journey. One which is trippy, gives low-key Invasion of the Body Snatchers vibes, and likely will dominate the US box office upon release.

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The Vampire Chronicles – TBD

With Anonymous Content backing this new adaptation of the legendary Anne Rice novels, and it being picked up by Hulu, this could be the big deal of 2019. Yes, it lacks casting, a showrunner, and all we may have seen in a picture of the first episode’s script, but its Hulu. A company which will soon be majority owned by Disney which surely wouldn’t mind bolstering Hulu’s offerings. Especially to make it so The Handmaid’s Tale isn’t the only big name to attract subscribers.

Game of Thrones Final Season – April 2019

The fantasy genre hasn’t had a show like Game of Thrones and while many networks would love to find something like it, likely without its massive cost, even HBO is unsure how to duplicate its success. Yet, this spring into summer, it all ends. We’ll learn who will sit on the Iron Throne, if anyone, and whether the Stark family will be wiped off the face of Westeros. Oh, and also how will that white walker issue be handled – considering now they have a dragon at their disposal.

Janet Mock Book Adaptation – TBD

I can’t recall where I saw it, but I know I saw news Janet Mock is adapting her biographies into a television show. Which, after the year she had in 2018, could mean between FX or another network, Mock’s story from being assigned male at birth to being one of the most prominent women, who happen to be trans, in America, will be put on a large platform. Doing so much not just for her, but girls like her too.



Tina Turner Musical Comes to Broadway – Fall 2019

With it already doing well on the West End, and the unfortunate ending of the Donna Summer musical, Tina: The Tina Turner Musical has its work cut out for them. Yet, with it being the only diva show which doesn’t split the star character into three, compared to Summer and The Cher Show, we may see that the old way of doing things is the best. Simply the best (I couldn’t help myself).

The Rise of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

This is not a political website. There is a bit of social commentary which may bring American politics into play, but largely we stay out of it. However, there is a serious investment in Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and when her book inevitably is released, fully expect a summary/ review and a list of quotes from it. It may not come in 2019, but I’m sure the calls for it, and the announcement it is being worked on, is going to come soon.

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