Major Trouble For Actor Jason Mitchell (The Chi & Straight Outta Compton)

Jason Mitchell of The Chi is seemingly in some hot water. Wanna know how bad it is?

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According to Deadline, Mitchell, known around these parts as Brandon on The Chi, is being accused about some seriously inappropriate behavior. It’s so series that he got dropped by not only his agent, but his management, a Netflix movie, AND The Chi. The alleged incident didn’t happen on the set of one of his now former roles but seems to have happened during his personal time.

It should be noted, back in a 2018 interview with The Breakfast Club (8:54), Mitchell stated he did have previous charges for drug possession, possibly distribution, and was at probation at the time for five years. During the interview, Mitchell avoided revealing how far into his probation he did.

Update: So, according to Shadow and Act, per The Hollywood Reporter, we at least get to know why he was dropped from The Chi. From what it appears, alongside Tiffany Boone, who plays his character’s fiancee, other actresses on the show felt uncomfortable with him! In terms of Boone specifically, it got to the point of her feeling unsafe and her making complaints of sexual harassment. Now, as for what was the final straw? That hasn’t been revealed.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What did he do?!


I don’t know what Mitchell did, but considering he just got nominated for an MTV Movie & TV Award for his performance in The Chi, this isn’t good timing. And I know, “Who cares about an MTV Award?” but let’s note The Chi, despite how good it is, and it’s fairly recent renewal for a season 3, can always use promotion and publicity. Add in Mitchell was the sole nomination for the show, and it makes the possibility of MTV scrubbing his name matter even more. Especially as, like with most shows, the ratings slowly creep on a downward trend. Making accolades, even ones which may not hold the same prestige as an Emmy or Golden Globe, helpful when it comes to renewal potential and also cast salary re-ups.

Mitchell’s character Brandon with co-stars Kevin (Alex R. Hibbert) and Jerrika (Tiffany Boone)

But, with that said, there is also the need to question how will cutting Mitchell so abruptly affect The Chi? Brandon has been integrated into multiple storylines, and while Jerrika and Emmett could survive without his character, Kevin too, he would leave a gaping hole in the program. Which could be handled with him being killed off or put in prison, but this is all assuming Showtime thinks the show can go on without Mitchell’s character.

Not to downplay the performances of the other actors, for The Chi is an ensemble show, but there is a reason Mitchell is being noted more than the others. Plus, as shown by Love Is___ on OWN, a season renewal can be yanked quickly. And while, in that case, it was one of the creators who got in trouble, who is to say Showtime may feel this show can’t, or shouldn’t, go on because one of its biggest names had to be removed? But, until that time, stay tuned for further recap/ review (with spoilers) here on Wherever I Look.


Yeah, considering what he got cut for, I can fully see them killing him off. But it makes you wonder, is that why Sonja Sohn didn’t return for season 2 of The Chi? Maybe she objected to working with Mitchell and his behavior? Maybe feeling, considering she was one of the most reputable actors on the show, the face he was kept on despite her, and many other actresses complaining, was a slap in the face?

I mean, I don’t have sources, this is just my speculation, but considering how Boone was released to pursue other projects, when she spoke to producers, who is to say others didn’t take that option and permanently leave or maintained being a reoccurring role to keep the money coming in? As for Boone, well it isn’t clear if Mitchell started acting up during the filming of season 1 or 2, so in terms of us seeing her so much this season, let’s not pretend like they aren’t as touchy-feely as season 1. Much less, they aren’t attached at the hip like in season 1.

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