On the eve of Elite: Season 2, let’s quickly recap how season 1 ended.

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On the eve of Elite: Season 2, let’s quickly recap how season 1 ended.

Miguel Bernardeau As Guzmán

Guzman watching Ander and Omar.

After the death of Marina, Guzmán is in mourning and finds himself closer than ever to Lu. Particularly since she talked him off attempting suicide.

María Pedraza As Marina

Marina feeling her head after being hit by Polo.

Marina, after being hit with a statue, bleeds to death with her final minutes being in Nano’s arms.

Mina El Hammani As Nadia

Nadia dealing with a very aggressive Guzman.

Despite her father’s apprehension, Nadia convinces Yusef to let her continue going to the elite school without any restrictions on her person.

Miguel Herrán As Christian

Christian saying he, Polo, and Carla should leave their parents' party to have sex.
Christian: Let’s go to your apartment and finish the party there. I’m hungry.

In order to obtain the fortune and fame he so badly desires, Christian decides to keep his mouth shut about Polo killing Marina and accepting Carla, making him a made man in the process.

Itzan Escamilla As Samuel

Samuel, after accusing his brother of murder, now trying to prove he isn't the murderer.
Samuel: There must be a way to prove it wasn’t him.

Racked with guilt, from accusing Nano of murder, Samuel is now trying to figure a way to prove his brother didn’t kill Marina.

Jaime Lorente As Nano

Nano talking to someone.
Nano (Jaime Lorente)

With being accused by Samuel for killing Marina, Nano is currently facing yet another prison sentence.

Ester Expósito As Carla

Carla at Marina's coming out party.
Carla (Ester Exposito)

Between Polo killing Marina, Christian by her side, and her father’s watch safely returned, Carla proves herself to be a true elite and possibly the grandest of manipulators.

Álvaro Rico As Polo

Polo holding the murder weapon.

A murderer, whose actions he thought would return Carla to his arms, a guilty conscience haunts Polo as does being in Christian’s debt and without Carla the way he wants her.

Arón Piper As Ander

Ander and Omar after sex.

Out to his family, and officially quitting tennis, Ander now spends any and all moments he can with Omar.

Omar Ayuso As Omar

Omar in his family's shop.

Still not out, but at least getting some assistance from Nadia, Omar may not be the apple of his father’s eye but he has enough to survive without needing to escape like older sister May.

Danna Paola As Lu

Lu booing the fact Guzman couldn't get the job done.
Lu (Danna Paola): Boo!

After competing with Nadia all season for Guzmán’s heart, Lu finally proves herself to be down for him, no matter what, and he accepts her.

Jorge Suquet as Mr. Martín

Mr. Martin introducing the next class project.
Mr Martin (Jorge Suquet): What is the image we want to project?

Mr. Martín was fired by Azucena and seems unlikely to return to the show.

Felix Herzog as Fer

Fer (Felix Herzog) talking to Omar and Nano.
Fer (Felix Herzog)

The last we saw of Fer was him being shot in the leg by the people Nano owed money to, while in their trunk. His fate is unknown.

Alberto Vargas as Pablo

Pablo (Alberto Vargas) before Guzman and Polo jump him.
Pablo (Alberto Vargas)

Currently his fate is unknown. All that is clear is he was paid to leave Marina alone and he took the money and ran.

Abdelatif Hwidar as Yusef

Yusef asking Omar if he is a homosexual?
Yusef: Tell me my son is not a homosexual.

Rocked by the potential scandal of a gay son, and dealing with a rebellious daughter, Yusef is close to his wits end. Hence why he might be starting to let his children live their lives rather than strictly control them.

Elisabet Gelabert as Azucena

Azucena (Elisabet Gelabert) in her office, talking to Marina.
Azucena (Elisabet Gelabert)

With a murder on school grounds, Azucena was last seen being questioned by police about the incident alongside the handling of Pablo being attacked on school grounds.

Ramón Esquinas as Ventura

Ventura (Ramon Esquinas) after Marina's party.
Ventura (Ramon Esquinas)

Thanks to Guzmán making calls like it is the end of the month, and he is nowhere near quota, Ventura somehow got his 300,000 euro bail paid and is free – for now.

Rubén Martinez as Teodoro

Rubén Martinez as Teodoro
Teodoro (Rubén Martinez)

With Carla getting his watch, that contains all the documents which could put him and Ventura in jail, Teodoro is in a relaxed state currently.

Irene Arcos as Pilar

Pilar (Irene Arcos)
Pilar (Irene Arcos)

It is currently unknown how Pilar is but with her troublesome son possibly going to jail for murder, let’s assume she isn’t doing so well.

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