This Month On Wherever I Look – June 2017

Recap of May After the hype of Thirteen Reason Why died down, there was a bit of a nose dive in terms of views. Not a significant one, but still noticeable. But that can be contributed to the fact I skipped covering Sense8 as well as House of Cards. Instead opting for more movies and specials. Which, while they…

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Recap of May

After the hype of Thirteen Reason Why died down, there was a bit of a nose dive in terms of views. Not a significant one, but still noticeable.

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But that can be contributed to the fact I skipped covering Sense8 as well as House of Cards. Instead opting for more movies and specials. Which, while they got a short pop for a few days, none really had much longevity.

So, with the past behind us, let’s look toward the future. Here is what is currently planned to come This Month on Wherever I Look – June 2017.

Titles link to trailers.

New & Returning Series

Queen Sugar – June 20th & 21st (Weekly Series)

It is finally back! Oh, how I’ve missed the Bordelon family and all their drama and things seemingly will get interesting. From the handful of previews I saw, Charlie’s move to buy that mill won’t go unnoticed. On top of that, the family drama is never ending especially with this will Ralph Angel found. Not to mention, Nova is in full own activism mode again, as well as sleeping with some white man… But you can check out the trailer to get the full experience.

Glow – The Weekend of June 23rd till around June 26 or 27th

Women’s wrestling. Let me tell you right now that is not the reason I’m watching this. If anything, it is just because I enjoy Alison Brie and, like Britt Robertson with Girlboss, I was to see and support her commanding her own show. Now, I won’t say I have high hopes for this, but that’s because I no longer look at that Netflix logo with rose colored glasses.

Gypsy – The Weekend of June 30th into the Beginning of July

I would never claim to be a fan of Naomi Watts, yet have found myself enjoying quite a few productions she has been in. But perhaps what is the draw here is she is playing a therapist. To me, considering all the nutcases on TV, I’m surprised the only prominent therapist that comes to mind is the one which was on The Sopranos. 

I’m Dying Up Here – June 5th

It’s produced by Jim Carrey. Plus it is on Showtime. The only network which, arguably, gives HBO a run for its money. Especially when it comes to comedy shows. For between Nurse JackieCalifornicationUnited States of Tarai, and Weeds, Dramedy type shows have thrived on this channel. So focusing on up and coming stand up comedians? That sounds right up their alley.

Claws – Likely June 12th

Like Alison Brie and Britt Robertson, though definitely for a longer period of time, Niecy Nash has been around. She hasn’t had much opportunity to be front and center, but she made herself known. So this is her shot. Which kind of makes it unfortunate with how ghetto this show seems, but you got to remember: Diversity is about more than skin color. It is also about featuring different cultures, and sub-cultures as well. Showing that, as ghetto or ratchet as someone may seem, that person is a product of their environment. They are using the tools given to survive the best way they know how. Which, they know may lead to them being judged. However, that person isn’t paying their bills or providing them opportunities, so they’ll stick with what has been working. Thank you very much.

Daytime Divas – June 6th

Vanessa L. Williams. Need I really say more? Well, let’s add Tichina Arnold, Patti LaBelle, Eve, Tasha Smith and Chloe Bridges [note]Who, granted, isn’t as iconic as the rest, but she can get there. [/note]. All of which are acting in a show based on Star Jones carefully veiled book. Which seemingly is based off her time at The View. Add in this show is on VH1, which means you know it is going to be overdramatic to the point of seeming camp, and I’m sure many will find this to be their newest guilty pleasure.

For me though, it will just make it so this summer won’t force me to scramble list many in the past.

Rita – June 13th

This show has been on Netflix for awhile but being that my focus has been on their originals, I didn’t know it existed. Which is perhaps the fun thing about Netflix, you can’t really watch everything. Making it so, every now and then, in the clutter of their offerings, you find a gem. Which I’m hoping this will be. For, similar to Gypsy, it is from an unfamiliar perspective: That of a teacher. For while American shows often feature professionals, teachers are usually re-occurring roles or guest stars. They aren’t at the center of everything. So this sort of rare point of view should be interesting.

Orphan Black – June 10th

I watched since the beginning and I’m not sad to see it go. Only because, there is just so much that can be done with shows like this. After a certain point, you can’t up the ante anymore. There either has to be peace, annihilation, or an ellipsis. Of the three, I’m hoping for the first two for an ellipsis is a terrible way to end any and all shows.

But, the question becomes: What’s next for Tatiana Maslany after this? Her movie career has been mostly lackluster. So will she find herself on a new show? It seems that maybe the best bet.

Off Camera with Sam Jones – Quotes Only

To me, outside of Graham Norton and James Lipton, Sam Jones maybe the best English speaking hosts. Just his interviews with Elisabeth Moss and Jenny Slate have been the best I’ve seen in a long time. If only because they are conversational. They aren’t like the majority of late night hosts who try to bring their comedy background into the interview. There is this desire to engage, but not pretend this actor is also a comedian. Jones doesn’t seem to try to push them out of their comfort zone.

Which isn’t to say that he does nothing but fluff questions. More so it just seems like he is taking them as seriously as they perhaps take themselves. If not, at least, how seriously they take their craft.

Movies To Be Excited for in June

I’m really hoping to stick with most of the dates set. The problem is, as always, I’m always pulled between just reading the synopsis and letting myself get spoiled by the trailer. Which is the main reason a lot of movies get taken off. I watch 5 to 10 minutes and am feeling kind of “Meh” and then watch the trailer. Making me feel the movie is not worth it at all.

It is especially bad for movies in theaters since I work during the day. So, naturally, when I get home, I want to eat and stay home. Nevermind going back out to sit in some old and uncomfortable chair. Much less heading to New York, paying as much for a ticket as it takes to get there, and possibly getting disappointed.

But, even with all that said, I love movies. I love, in small packages, compared to series, experiencing foreign lives. Maybe even lives I’m familiar with, but don’t intimately know. It’s my social education, for a lack of a better term.

All Eyez On Me

Tupac Shakur. One of the best rappers who ever picked up a mic and surely one of many who, if they lived to old age, would have been on the level, if not beyond Jay-Z. But what matters most here is that this is a proper biopic. It isn’t a TV movie but something released in theaters, seemingly has the music rights, and the participation of friends and family. Which I doubt will lead to an Oscar worthy performance but I could be wrong. It would be nice to be wrong actually.

Rough Night

I’m considering this the opening act for Girls Trip in July. Just with white women, sans Zoe Kravitz. But, all jokes aside, This has Kate McKinnon in it. Even in bad films, Kate McKinnon is the golden nugget amongst the pile of excrement. At least, that is what I heard about Ghostbusters.

Oh, and it has Ilana Glazer who I wanna see go joke to joke with McKinnon. I don’t think she’ll win, but she’ll definitely present some kind of challenge.

The Book of Henry

Even when this film seemed like a love story between a math nerd and a dancer, I was interested. For while Jaeden Lieberher was a bit of an annoying kid on Masters of Sex, he held his own. Plus, being that Maddie Ziegler’s association with Sia has made her notable, it will be interesting to see if she can be more than just a dancer.

Pretend We’re Kissing

I am a devout Zoe Kravitz fan. Like with Emily Browning and Kristen Stewart, I am willing to give a film a chance if she is in it. However, unlike Browning and Stewart, Kravitz has a way better record. So this odd little film, like the majority of her films, should fill the needs of me wanting to see eccentric Black folk.

Resident Evil: Vendetta (Biohazard: Vendetta)

Fun fact: I’ve never beaten a Resident Evil game. Another: I have never owned one. So, for the most part, my knowledge of Resident Evil comes strictly from the Milla Jovich movies and the animated movies. Most of which I have enjoyed. Probably wouldn’t rate positive, for whatever category, but have enjoyed. So, here is hoping this meets the standard of past entries into the franchise. If not surpasses them.

The Beguiled

Alongside Kravitz, Browning, and Stewart, Elle Fanning is also someone whose career I take a vested interest in. Oona Laurence too, to a point. So, with their talents combined with Kristen Dunst, Nicole Kidman, fresh from Big Little Lies and Sofia Coppola? Oh, this should be interesting. Especially for there is something very creepy about the women in Kidman’s character’s home.

King Jack

Something about the trailer stirs my emotions. I don’t know if it is the bullying or Jack’s relationship to his younger family member, but it makes me feel something. Add in a possible first love and I think I maybe weeping while watching this. Now, granted, years ago I could have tried to see this at the Tribeca Film Festival. However, you look at a $17+ ticket to see a movie and not have 2nd thoughts.

The Little Hours

Outside of Legion, I can’t name a production Aubrey Plaza has blown me away in. I love her awkward interviews, but can’t say I was ever running to the theater to see one of her movies. This, however, maybe the first time. For on top of Plaza we have the talented Franco brother, Dave, Allison Brie, and Kate Micucci. Someone who also is a bit odd, like Plaza, but not in an “If my looks could kill, you’d be dead” kind of ways.

Brain on Fire

It feels like it has been awhile since Chloe Grace Moretz has been on screen, but she is back. She is back and it isn’t a comedy or something dealing with transitioning into adulthood. Kind of. To be frank, this gives me major Chasing Life vibes if April never got better. So I’m just expecting a tear jerker here.

The Bad Batch

Since his stint on Game of Thrones, I have not seen a single Jason Momoa production. He just kind of devolved into Lisa Bonet’s husband. But The Bad Batch could change things. Especially because it seems like your general, “What the hell is Keanu Reeves in?” type of movie. Because, and you got to give it to him, while many of Reeves’ peers from the 90s sort of flounder, he is doing well. Even what should be obscure movies are either hits or make him look good. So props to his agent or whoever is reading his scripts.

Chapter by Chapter Reviews

IT will continue, but with Janet’s Mock’s second book coming out, I can’t make any guarantees it’ll be done by the time the movie comes out.

Ads & Affiliate Links

I’m going to limit affiliate links to the first image, last image, and the general ad Amazon gives. As for Google Ads, the max is currently 7 and I plan to keep it that way. The main page has one per post and most posts shouldn’t have more than 3. One in the beginning, one in the middle, and one at the end.

Other Features

I’m going to focus on trying to write a spec script for All The Ugly and Wonderful Things. So, expect that between the end of this month and the end of August. It’ll be written as a “Event Series” and I’m just working on some sort of pilot. The aim is to mostly focus on Part one, but I may expand that. Either way, it is something I’m definitely excited about doing. Even if just for fun.

As always, this post does not cover everything. To see the full calendar of planned recaps or summaries, with reviews (and Spoilers) click here.

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