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General Information

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Scenes Shown

In the special preview, three scenes were shown which mainly were about establishing who is who and how the world evolved.

Scene One

The first scene features Joshua and Maya, who are together, and Maya appears to be pregnant with their first child. Things were seemingly going well, but with the Western world (Europe and the United States) at war with the Eastern World (China, Japan, etc.) over the evolution of AI and robots, the little peaceful enclave Joshia and Maya have gets invaded, and it is revealed Joshua was an undercover agent.

Scene Two

In the second scene, set after the first, Joshua is back to being a soldier, and he and his team seek to enter a vault. It isn’t clear what’s there, but the robots and androids are aware of their presence and are trying to take them out. Unfortunately, before they are able to stop them, a child named Alphie, who might be the “Lamatar,” aka God of the AI/androids is discovered in the vault.

Luckily, “She” escapes, as does Joshua, from an attack from a giant Western aircraft that drops a weapon that may not be nuclear but certainly sends out a shockwave similar to a nuclear weapon.

Scene Three

At this point, Joshua and Alphie have bonded, and it seems, despite Joshua’s past as a double agent, he finds himself close to Harun, one of the leaders of the AI/Android forces, at least enough to not be shot on sight. However, being that Alphie would like peace amongst their kind and humans, they try to stop a suicide bot from killing their people. But, with Alphie being young and isolated, there is only but so much they can do, and what they are not capable of, Joshie compensates for – especially regarding murder.

Director Q&A


Locations included Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, and Tokyo, with a minimal amount of greenscreen as director Gareth Edwards valued a more real experience. In fact, he noted that for the price of a large crew on a green screen, he took a small crew to these places, and the price to fly them and the equipment out was comparable.

It was also noted in the scene where Joshua first meets Alphie, despite it looking like it could have been in a warehouse, it was actually a particle accelerator lab in Thailand, with the extras being nuclear physicists.

Year This Takes Place And Background

The film takes place around 2070, and from what we’re told, the Western world banned AI while the Eastern world kept it, developed it, and learned to live with the evolved form of their creations.


Casting was done during the pandemic, and Ken Watanabe was one of Edwards’ top choices. A funny anecdote is given about casting John David Washington: they met in person, and Washington was wearing a Star Wars hat to their meeting – which is comical due to Edwards directing “Rogue One.”


When it comes to influences/inspiration, Edwards mentions Baraka (1992), Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance, the original Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now, Rain Man, and Paper Moon as the film’s influences regarding story and look. Speaking specifically about the way robots look, it was a mix of what would have happened if the iMac didn’t revolutionize design and the Sony Walkman remained a major conqueror. Also, just what would happen if you mixed various insects with technology and vice versa?

As for what directors are Edwards’ inspirations? Just the obvious in Spielberg and Ridley Scott. Their styles, especially in the early age of the blockbuster, was what Edwards was aiming for.

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.

Sgt. Joshua Taylor

Sgt. Taylor works for the United States military and went into deep cover to infiltrate what was seen as an Eastern Terrorist cell. However, his commitment to his country waivers as it becomes clear he can’t have the mother of his child and stay loyal to his country.


Raised amongst developed AI and robots, like many in her culture, she sees them as friends, family, and people part of her community. This is why Joshua’s betrayal cuts deep as he reveals his allegiance and dismisses Maya’s connection to those who have been part of her life longer than he has.


In the world of “The Creator,” there is what is called the Lamatar (sp?), which is seen either as a God or something of the ilk of Osama Bin Laden. From what it appears, Alphie is the embodiment of that figure, and their abilities could determine the fate of the world.


Harun is the leader of an eastern military group with ties to Maya.

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