Nope (2022) – Ending Spoilers

A summary of how Nope (2022) ended and whether a prequel or sequel is possible.

Noted Cast
Ricky Steven Yeun
Antlers Michael Wincott
Emerald Keke Palmer
OJ Daniel Kaluuya
Angel Brandon Perea

This content contains pertinent spoilers, and if you’d like to read the review, which includes a character guide and summary of the film, click here.


In the end, Ricky and 40 others are killed because Ricky thought he had some realm of control over the alien when he didn’t. Thus leading to the death of him, his wife, three kids, and many more. Antlers allows himself to be eaten while trying to get a shot beneath the alien, where it both consumes and releases waste. But, while they die, Emerald, OJ, and Angel survive.

How? Angel lucks out by getting tangled in some tarp and grabbing hold of things that allow him to not be consumed. OJ distracts Jean Jacket, the name he gives the alien, long enough to give Emerald time to start an electric bike left over from some TMZ reporter who came to investigate what happened at Ricky’s theme park. Thankfully, rather than go with the original plan, which was to break Jean Jacket in, like a horse, OJ allows Emerald to draw the alien back to Ricky’s theme park.

There, she releases a giant cowboy blip, and with the alien not liking when anything looks at it and it being perpetually hungry, it attempts to eat the blip and appears to die when the blip explodes in its guts.

And as it was trying to consume the blip, Emerald is able to get a photo of the alien in its true form and not the incognito one it usually has when moving within the clouds. Thus giving her the “Oprah” shot, aka the money shot, she and her brother talked about.

But, to add icing to the cake, many people see her take down the alien or simply live after outrunning it. So we’re left to assume that, on top of her brother getting the money needed to save the ranch, she may get the fame she desires.

Is There Sequel/ Prequel Potential?

Technically yes. We don’t know if that UFO/ alien is the only one. Also, it isn’t clear where the alien came from. So, considering how notable that one died, who is to say another may not hear or feel that one die, and decide it should come to investigate?

However, with no end credit scene implying that there will be more explored, there is no hint that Peele and his team want to go deeper into exploiting non-human species for human benefit.

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