Erica Pinkett as Olivia, Jadah Blue as Naomi, and Asia Holiday as Kelsey
Erica Pinkett as Olivia, Jadah Blue as Naomi, and Asia Holiday as Kelsey

Christopher B. Stokes, with Marques Houston, bring you another film in their wheelhouse focused on cheating, secrets, and revenge.

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Film Summary

Trevor is handsome and charming and could have any woman he wanted with enough effort, assuming they are into men. However, greedy as he is, he picks three: Kelsey, Olivia, and Naomi. But, to make matters worse, he isn’t just romantically with these women, but he married them and kept it a secret from all three.

But, as fate would have it, and Trevor being a bad liar, one figures out about the other, and eventually, Trevor is forced to face them all and confess his sins while hanging out of a window in his boxers.

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member.


Daniel J. Johnson as Trevor
Daniel J. Johnson as Trevor

Depending on who you ask, Trevor is either in real estate or the owner and CEO of Turnstr, which has the potential to become the next Facebook. He is, per Olivia, 40 years old.


Kelsey is Trevor’s first wife, whom he told he didn’t want to have kids with and who set aside her career to make sure he had a nice home to come to. She is his youngest wife at 25.


Olivia is Trevor’s second wife, who has had many rough past relationships, so she thought Trevor was her knight in shining armor.


Naomi is Trevor’s third and final wife, who was the last to find out about Trevor being into polygamy and his plans of what to do with his three wives.


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)


Entertaining Through And Through

Like anything with Christopher B. Stokes and Marques B. Houston involved, there is a lot going on and a good amount of drama. However, knowing and understanding their brand, I feel this was perhaps their most tame movie.

I clearly don’t mean tame in terms of boring, since this is a highlight, but it does feel more mature. When it comes to “I Hate You To Death,” it doesn’t appear that drama exists for the sake of it, but that there is supposed to be room for build-up and breakdowns.

Asia Holiday as Kelsey
Asia Holiday as Kelsey

For example, Kelsey is the first wife, and we’re allowed to go on her roller coaster of finding out she is being cheated on, processing Trevor pressuring her into an abortion, despite her wanting kids, and things of that nature. That is alongside what Olivia went through, considering she wasn’t looking for a man when Trevor initially pursued her.

So to watch these ladies go through the highs and lows and seek revenge? It is entertaining to watch, and with Trevor’s life on the line, you wonder if they may ultimately spare him or allow him to die.

Low Points

Naomi Feels Like An Afterthought

Jadah Blue as Naomi
Jadah Blue as Naomi

Naomi doesn’t get the same screen time or development as the first two wives. Yes, we learn how Trevor met her, but as for establishing her as an individual? That isn’t done well.

The sole thing that makes her stand out is her skin tone. Not her personality, what she has been through, or even a job, since that isn’t discussed. I don’t think we even learn if she has any family.

This makes it seem she was just added because three seemed like a good number more than Stokes and Houston having a notable plan for this character.

On The Fence

The Time Jumping

In order to establish when people met, whether it is Trevor meeting the ladies or the ladies meeting each other, the film jumps back months, sometimes years, and back to the present. Originally, you appreciated this, for it provided information and character development.

However, in time, it can feel a bit much as there is constant jumping back and forth, which doesn’t necessarily take away from the narrative but can be a little jarring. Overall, you will get what happened to who, how, and why, but even with it put in words where you are jumping to, it happening every ten or so minutes can feel like a lot.

Who Is This For?

Those who love a good drama focused on a lying and cheating man getting his due.

General Information

Erica Pinkett as Olivia, Jadah Blue as Naomi, and Asia Holiday as Kelsey
Erica Pinkett as Olivia, Jadah Blue as Naomi, and Asia Holiday as Kelsey


Christopher B. Stokes

Screenplay By

Marques B. Houston

Based On Work By

Christopher B. Stokes

Date Released

November 23, 2023

How To Watch





Young Adult

Film Length

1 Hour 47 Minutes

Content Rating

Rated TV-14

Noted Characters and Cast


Daniel J. Johnson


Asia Holiday


Erica Pinkett


Jadah Blue

Content Rating Explanation

  • Dialog: Some Cursing
  • Violence: Depiction of Murder
  • Sexual Content: Outside of women in lingerie and it being implied that Trevor was serviced by an intern, nothing notable
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking


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I Hate You To Death (2023) – Movie Review


“I Hate You To Death” feels like a sign that the Stokes/Houston combo is maturing and recognizing that over-the-top performances and situations aren’t required for an entertaining movie. Which pushes you to wonder what may come next from the duo?

  • Entertaining Through And Through - 83%
  • Naomi Feels Like An Afterthought - 64%
  • The Time Jumping - 74%


  • Entertaining Through And Through


  • The Time Jumping
  • Naomi Feels Like An Afterthought

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