Young Adult

In the Young Adult tag, you’ll find coming-of-age stories and productions featuring those in their late teens through twenties getting their lives together.

The Ms. Pat Show: Season 4 Review

“The Ms. Pat Show” continues to blur the lines between being a sitcom and drama as it gives its live and at-home audience what feels like a top-notch play.

The Equalizer: Season 4 Review

With a shortened season, season 4 of “The Equalizer” tries its best to keep the course for many of its characters, but some are clearly sacrificed to meet the reduced episode count.

Killer Body Count (2024) Movie Review

Starring Cassiel Eatock-Winnik and Savana Tardieu, this Tubi release sends teenage boys and girls to a Catholic camp to repent and reform from acting depraved.

Prom Dates (2024) Movie Review

As two friends seek out prom dates to hold up a pact they made as kids, you watch a film that seems as beholden to the familiar as its leads are to their promise.

Tarot (2024) Movie Review

“Tarot” scrapes the surface of the major arcana to create beings good for a jump scare but delivers a story that is more to holdover horror fans than become a classic.

Boy Kills World (2024) Movie Review

Bloody and gory, as promised, “Boy Kills World” is an action movie that, in the latter half, tries to switch things up to possibly good results.

Wildcat (2024) Movie Review

While you may think “Wildcat” is a biopic, more so, it is a series of short stories by Flannery O’Connor linked up and barely featuring the writer in a notable capacity.

The Brink Of (2024) Movie Review

“The Brink Of” may have a few catchy indie pop songs, but the will they or won’t they at the heart of it may not win too many over.

Parachute (2024) Movie Review

In “Parachute,” we’re reminded how love and romance isn’t a cure but sometimes a drug to alleviate symptoms.

Fallout: Season 1 – Review

Season 1 of “Fallout” continues the trend of good video game adaptations we’ve seen recently, with this trying to balance the seriousness of a nuclear apocalypse with the comedy Obsidian Entertainment gave “Fallout: New Vegas.”

The Greatest Hits (2024) Movie Review

“The Greatest Hits” brings visuals to the saying, “Music moves you,” as a woman is repeatedly transported through time when triggered by songs that hold memories of her deceased ex.

Música (2024) Movie Review

In “Música,” Rudy Mancuso may not reinvent the musical genre but gives something different enough to revive your love for the genre if it has left you jaded.

Femme (2024) Movie Review

In a complicated revenge tale, one assault leads to the desire to create revenge porn but when a romance blooms, so begins the question of whether to take things that far?

Kemba – Movie Review and Summary

“Kemba” presents an important case highlighting how the NAACP, specifically the Legal Defense Fund (LDF), didn’t stop being assets after the 1960s.

Lisa Frankenstein – Movie Review and Summary

“Lisa Frankenstein” doesn’t merely ride the wave of Frankenstein-type movies but carves out its own little niche thanks to the combination of those in front of and behind the camera.

Scrambled – Movie Review and Summary

While it hones in on the comedy, “Scrambled” also recognizes the societal pressure to have kids and a family, and having things figured out by a certain age can trigger a meltdown.

Trunk – Locked In: Movie Review and Summary

“Trunk – Locked In” reminds you of one of the many irrational fears a person can have, and why not prepping for the worst and hoping for the best can mean whether you live or die.

In The Summers – Movie Review and Summary

“In The Summers” is an almost bittersweet look at the relationship between a father and his daughters, as you question if his imperfections may sour their relationship to the point of abandonment.