SweetBitter: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Everyone is Soigné” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

How one defines settling is pushed to the forefront as Tess starts something with Will and someone from Simone’s past comes to the restaurant.

Director(s) Adam Bernstein
Writer(s) Kenneth Lin
Air Date 5/20/2018
Actors Introduced
Serena Wrenn Schmidt

Settling For Will: Tess, Will, Ari, Heather, Simone, Jake

While Tess is getting better, she is still making mistakes. One of which is breaking plates because she isn’t able to deal with a hot plate. Much less carry about three at one time. So, alongside stealing some plates, she asks Will to help her. Which, because he is a nice guy, he does.

But, him helping her learn the tricks of the trade develops to a kiss on the lips and kisses down low. Something which he seems skilled at, allegedly because Ari taught him. However, from what Heather says, Tess isn’t the first one to experience a tongue lashing. Will has dated co-workers before. Mind you, not in a player or getting the first taste, no pun intended, way. It’s just he is single, the new people might usually be new to the city and so, it is a good opportunity.

Problem is, Simone’s influence gets in the way. Not because she dated or slept with Will, from what we know, but more so because she drops a nugget about settling, the collected quote, which gets Tess’ wheels turning. For while Will seems to know what he is doing enough to give Tess an orgasm, it doesn’t seem she is completely satisfied or happy. That’s in comparison to when Jake touches the nape of her neck, to check out her star tattoo, and that makes her all tingly inside.


Tess and Will in bed together.

You have to appreciate Will asking for consent to kiss Tess. It was very cute. Alongside the showing of how, while consent is necessary, it can also be kind of awkward. However, so is putting on a condom before sex yet it remains a must right? Anyway, perhaps the more awkward thing was him going there with her. If just because he, according to Ari, might be on her level but is still sort of her boss so it is weird.

Plus, knowing he seemingly went out, or rather ate out, possibly multiple staff members, it makes it kind of weird and sad in a way. Because Will seems like a nice guy and Tess a nice girl, but then you realize the main point of her leaving her hometown was to not settle for what life had to offer. She wanted excitement, stimulation, and Will is just a nice guy who could be settled down with but that was never the goal.

Switching things up, why is it Ari is having a difficult time deciding if Tess could be her friend or not? Was it because of the crush she was developing? I mean, based on the Sasha situation, it should seem clear that, while naive, Tess is willing to do some weird and awkward things to prove her loyalty. So is it just Ari has abandonment issues or because people come and go from the restaurant so often she doesn’t want to get attached? After all, Will did note most don’t really make it past probation.

Settling vs. Stagnant: Simone, Tess, Jake

While Simone does her best to keep things professional, and rather close to the chest, she is human. For whether it is wanting Jack to come with her back home, perhaps for support, or not wanting to deal with her friend Serena who is settling for her husband, she has feelings. Of which, perhaps to keep Tess from repeating others mistakes, she shares in private.

However, with it being noted Simone is happy where she is, and perhaps has been for years, so comes the question if she is settling or simply stuck in a stagnant state? She has all this wine knowledge and is making good tips but what is next for her? We learn Will, at one time, went to film school before settling on working at Howard’s restaurant so what was the dream deferred for everyone else?


Serena noting that Simone may spend the rest of her life at the restaurant.
Wrenn Schmidt as Serena
“I think you might spend the rest of your life here.”

Will sort of opened up a can of worms, alongside Serena. For now comes the question of how many people at this job are suffering from dreams deferred or, like Tess, they simply don’t know what they want to do with their lives? Much less, so also comes the question of whether it is even terrible to be happy working at a fancy restaurant, especially if the pay and tips are good enough to live off of?

Focusing on Serena though, her situation seems peculiar in a way. The whole, “She doesn’t eat?” question pushes you to wonder why? Is it she doesn’t eat since the goal is really just to coerce Simone to talk to her or is it she legit has an eating disorder? But Simone’s take on Serena settling for her husband, in general, is weird. For with how close their friendship was, and Simone being very private, it is hard to know if Serena just wants support or longs for something that once was.

But, either way you slice it, with this being the halfway point it makes you wonder how many answers will we really get to the questions that are piling up.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Jesse works in finance and seemingly Tess has had limited to no contact with him.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

The things that come easily to us are not what define us. We find the edges by challenging ourselves.


  1. Simone slowly, but surely, opening herself up and being like a big sister to Tess.
  2. Tess realizing, when it came to Will, while he can make her happy, he won’t make her excited and passionate about life or their relationship. That while flattered by his pursuit, she could easily get into the routine she left home for since he is like the guys she usually goes for.
  3. The whole conversation and idea of settling and what it means to each character.

On The Fence

  1. With each episode a half hour and use halfway through the season, it makes you wonder if things are going to be baby steps season to season. Such as, getting to know a character beyond an anecdote. Alongside, for those like Heather or the guy Tess saw at the end of the last episode, if they are simply being introduced now to be developed at a later time.

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