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They want you to have an Instagram and not a twitter. They want to see you, not hear you.
“Amerie (5/19/2016) – Spoke by Charlamagne tha God.” The Breakfast Club

Here is the interesting thing […] no matter what, when you have a male and a female in a relationship, it’s either that he is the svengali or the one’s that like […] pulling the strings or it’s the other way around. ‘Oh he is just ruining everything!’ A woman can never just stand on her own and do her thing it’s always either she is being controlled or she’s being ruined. It’s just sexist.
“Amerie (5/19/2016).” The Breakfast Club

[In response to those who say slavery was a long time ago, you need to get over it, etc] This is what I say to those people, ‘To argue that is to say effects don’t matter. To say that effects don’t compound. Everything that happens in the world has an effect. […] So if you have a system that promotes your well-being, you are going to grow in that world. So if your great grandfather could have some money, a house, and a piece of land, and then his child and then his child, […] it’s going to get to you in some shape or form. Even if it is just in the way of knowledge. Knowing how to own a place, knowing how to get credit, knowing how to live in a different world, these are benefits that you have.’ So when you say […] ‘Well I started from nothing.’ I’m like, ‘No, but you didn’t start from nothing though. That’s the thing you don’t understand. You started from nothing in your world, but it’s not nothing, nothing.’
— “Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016.” Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

I believe we should treat racism like a disease and not as a choice. I believe racism is heredity, it is passed down generation to generation just like alcoholism. […] The problem I have is, when you shun racist, when you cut them out of society, where do they go to? […] If you look at it, as a disease, if you have somebody who has this disease of racism you would treat them as someone else who has a disease. So if I go ‘Hey Charlemagne, you friends with that racist girl Tomi?’ Now people feel the need [to be defensive] because now it is inferred that because you are friends with a racist, you are now racist or you are complacent to their racism. But if I said that about someone in your family who was an alcoholic, I say ‘Yo, you are friends with an alcoholic?’ You’d be like ‘Yeah, I’m trying to help them. This person has a problem and I think I can be a positive influence on their life.’
— “Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016.” The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

I see life like a video game. I don’t know all the moves. I know the moves that I know, I know which moves of mine work so I’m gonna do those moves. Sometimes I’m gonna meet someone who teaches me a new move, I’m gonna use that move in the game and sometimes when you’re playing, I’m gonna be like ‘Hey man, I don’t know if this will work for you, but whenever I’m up against this boss I use this move.’ I’m not telling you how to do it, I’m just telling you this has worked for me in my world.
— “Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016.” The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

We’re not all going to play the same role. There’s agitators, there’s advocates, and then there are implementors and we all have a certain role that we play.
— “1/23/2017 – Angela Rye” The Breakfast Club

When you have been told that ‘You need to get over it’ and you don’t have the means to get over it, you literally don’t have the economic means to get over it, you don’t have any viable solutions, that doesn’t work.
– Angela Rye – The Breakfast Club (1/5/2017)

“I think it’s how your parents raise you that kind of gives you the courage to either go the path of being who you want to be, or who you think you should be.”
— “Tracee Elliss Ross – 9/25/14” The Breakfast Club

“What Black people need more than anything is the chance to fail.”
— Childish Gambino citing Jaden Smith (9/10/2014) – The Breakfast Club

“As a Black person, I constantly have to know what a person is assuming about me.”
— Childish Gambino (9/10/2014) – The Breakfast Club

“Whiteness is blankness. It’s because they look at it as a blank slate. Like. when you come in you can be anything. Like when I walk in, even if I have a bow tie, they might be like ‘is he Muslim?’ They’re not going to do that with a white guy. White people are a blank slate, we are not.”
— Childish Gambino (9/10/2014) – The Breakfast Club

“It used to be where a bully would have to say something to you, and he’d have to take in the look on your face too a little bit, even if he was still going to mess with you. You don’t have that anymore, like somebody could call me the worst thing like ‘I’m glad your parents are dead’ and they don’t have to see the after-effects. They’re just like, ‘that felt good.’”
— Childish Gambino – The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

“Your diet isn’t only what you eat: It’s what you watch, it’s what you read, it’s what you listen to, and so I’m mindful of what I ingest.”
— Saul Williams – The Breakfast Club

“You need to be one with the people to be a revolutionary, you need to speak directly to the people and understand you don’t need money to win. You need a heart, you need a soul, you need to feel connected to the universe in order to win, and that’s what winning is.”
— Saul Williams (The Breakfast Club – 7/19/14)

“Adversity man is something that most people run away from. But the thing is man, if you are able to endure adversity it will turn you into a person that you probably wouldn’t even believe yourself you could become.”
— T.I. Interview With The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

“God said to me ‘I never changed what I told you to do. I said leave, it was time to go, but obviously I got to push you out.’”
— Sherri Shepherd – The Breakfast Club (12/19/2014)

“There should be no permanent friends, or enemies, when it comes to business.”
— Charlemagne the God – The Breakfast Club (12/10/2014)

Sometimes there isn’t a penny worth the bullshit.
— Marsha Ambrosius (Breakfast Club Interview – Posted 5/4/2017)

People ask me if you get nervous when you go on stage? It’s like asking a pilot if he gets nervous before a flight. I might hit some weather, but I feel like we normally land the plane.
— Dave Chappelle – 6.30.2017 (The Breakfast Club)

It’s not necessarily you feel like you have something to prove, I’m sure you guys feel the same way, it’s like quality control. You want to make sure whatever you offer, you put your best foot forward. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to prove anything, it just means you respect the people that respect you and you wanna reciprocate their respect with a good product.
— Dave Chappelle – 6.30.2017 (The Breakfast Club)

I think I’m just a big personality and I think that gets misread. I mean, even coming up in college, it’s like ‘You’re just like —You’re too much! You’re too much!’ You know what I mean? […] So it’s like growing into your looks. I kind of had to grow into my personality.
Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club – 8/9/2017)

Sometimes you do have to hit people with an extreme example for them to even see a modicum of what you are trying to say.
Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club – 8/9/2017)

No, you’re not a diva, you’re not difficult, you’re just difficult to fuck over. […] You’re not difficult, you’re just particular. You’re not demanding, […] you just hold people accountable. […] You get these things misconstrued and people will manipulate you to feel like these things that are actually positive are negative.
Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club – 8/9/2017)

If you’re not living in your truth, you’re not going to be able to be where you’re supposed to be, and I consider your truth to be your compass to your purpose. And if you’re not living in that truth, then you are being steered by other worldly things that don’t necessarily have your best interest at heart.
Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club – 8/9/2017)

Everything is about, all the conversations are about ‘Oh, just be yourself! Oh, you have to love yourself! […]’ It’s like, it’s easy to be who you are when what you are is what’s popular. When what you are is reviled, it’s very difficult to do that.
— Billy Porter (The Breakfast Club 10/9/2017)

If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.
— Amanda Litman (Quoting Ann Richards) – The Breakfast Club [10/25/2017]

I think human stories are inherently political. You can’t divorce the way we’re living from the times we’re living in.
— Lin-Manuel Miranda (The Breakfast Club – 10/18/2017)

If you’re going to build a team, don’t build a team associating with people who do what you do. Because if you surround yourself with people who do what you do, they’re going to compete with you. You want people who are good at what you’re not good at so they complete you. […] They should accessorize your limitations.
— Bishop T.D. Jakes (The Breakfast Club – 10/11/2017)

“The business is not the dream, it is the transportation to the dream.”
— Bishop T.D. Jakes (The Breakfast Club – 10/11/2017)

It’s about purpose driven, not profit driven. If you are purpose driven, the profits will follow you. If you’re profit driven, then you’ll always be hustling.
— Bishop T.D. Jakes (The Breakfast Club – 10/11/2017)

“People push you, and then get surprised when you trip.”
— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club (2/1/2018)

“I look at dudes now like I look at the side of a cereal box, I want to know your nutritional value.”
— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club (2/1/2018)

“There’s no small roles, it’s just about how big you make your roles.”
— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club (2/1/2018)

“Politeness, in the way of purpose, is a problem.”
— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club (2/1/2018)

[In terms of the #MeToo movement] This is not a witchhunt, this is a fumigation.
—Terry Crews – The Breakfast Club (6/20/2018)

“Rejection is God’s protection, that will provide you redirection”
— Charlamagne the God & Iyanla Vanzant (Breakfast Club)

“When you name the demons in your life, then you can eradicate them. But before you name them, they can haunt you forever.”
— Keke Palmer (Source: Breakfast Club Interview)

People spend a lot of time asking about other people instead of talking to the other person and being like, “What is up with this situation?” The amount of arguments and fights we would avoid if you would just communicate and be like, “Yo, I have a problem.” Instead of being passive aggresive, instead of bottling it up and exploding later on, like, because people don’t talk, that’s the biggest issue.
— Gina Brillon (The Breakfast Club – 8/16/2019)

Where to compromise […] is where every creative struggles.
— Gina Brillon (The Breakfast Club – 8/16/2019)

The Rest

“It’s only dumb if you fail.”
— Charlamagne the God (Breakfast Club – 5/11/2018)

“Read things that don’t necessarily pertain to you.”
— Charlamagne the God (Breakfast Club – 5/11/2018)

“You got to be willing to do it no matter what. If you have the desire, and the ability and faith, you’re gonna make it.”
— Iyanla Vanzant – Quoting Barry White (Breakfast Club)

“There is either working hard, or fucking somebody who is working hard.”
— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club (2/1/2018)

“You see the candle in everybody, but you cannot light anyone’s candle.”
— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club (2/1/2018)

15 hugs a day keep the psychiatrist away.
— Tiffany Haddish on The Breakfast Club (12/11/2017)

Every superhero got to test out their superpowers.
— The Breakfast Club (12/14/2017)

Every movie got the same beginning, the ending is when it gets fucked up.
— Kevin Hart | The Breakfast Club (12/14/2017)

The best apology is changed behavior.
— The Breakfast Club (12/14/2017)

“The problem in America right now is the idea of us is in conflict with the reality of us.”
— D.L. Hughley | The Breakfast Club (1/11/2018)

“Business is not about doing it, it is about thinking it.”
— Bishop T.D. Jakes (The Breakfast Club – 10/11/2017)

“You’d be surprise how hard you hit when you have nothing to fall back on.”
— Bishop T.D. Jakes (The Breakfast Club – 10/11/2017)

So many people have respect for the future, but no respect for the present. They got their eye on their prize but they don’t have their eyes on the next step. If you don’t honor the next step, you won’t make it to the prize. And this is important for people to understand. They are so excited about where they are going that they don’t have respect for where they are. If you don’t have respect for where you are,  you don’t get to where you’re going.
— Bishop T.D. Jakes (The Breakfast Club – 10/11/2017)

In pursuit of your dreams, deal with your reality.
— Charlagmagne The God (The Breakfast Club – 10/11/2017)

“If you know how to do something, you always have a job. But if you know why they do it there will always be work for you.”
— Bishop T.D. Jakes [Quoting John Maxwell] (The Breakfast Club – 10/11/2017)

Show up for your life!
— Billy Porter (The Breakfast Club 10/9/2017)

They think I don’t have a filter and it is like, it’s not that I don’t have a filter. It’s just, I’m not filtering because of the same reason you filter.
Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club – 8/9/2017)

I told them ‘We’re about setting precedences.’ I don’t want to hear ‘Oh, this didn’t work for somebody else.’ If anything, we should look at why it didn’t work for that other person and use that to make it work for us.
Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club – 8/9/2017)

I feel like it’s really a blessing, especially in this day and age where you never know what camera is on you, you never know where they’re going to catch you, it’s a real blessing to get notoriety being your best self. […] Living in your truth.
Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club – 8/9/2017)

I think many of our young people have been taught: Go to school, graduate, get yourself a good job, don’t make too much noise on the job, fit in so you can earn a decent salary, or you can get a raise. […] Life is about a lot more than that. Life is not only about aspiring to opportunity but not allowing people to dismiss you, to undermine you, to intimidate you. […] You have to find a way to not only speak up for yourself but organize with others so that we can challenge injustice.
Maxine Waters (The Breakfast Club – 8/7/2017)

Your judgment of where you really are with (or in) success are with the people who came up with you, where they stand.
— Kevin Hart (The Breakfast Club – 6/6/2017)

[Speaking about use of the N word and why he doesn’t] There is no other word in the English language that says, “Hey, I used to own you like property.” What other word has that connotation?
— Hasan Minhaj (The Breakfast Club – 6/8/2017)

[Quoting Winston Churchill] The price of greatness is responsibility.
— Angela Rye – The Breakfast Club (7/13/2017)

“I can contribute to a peaceful marriage and I can fuck a marriage up.”
Tyrese – The Breakfast Club (4/10/2017)

“The worse thing you can do is get married and not be who you are.”
Tyrese – The Breakfast Club (4/10/2017)

Your first, last, and best love will always be self-love.
— “Mary J. Blige – 3.31.2017” The Breakfast Club

“Reminding each other is not enough, you have to live it. Like, that’s the thing, people it’s really easy to tumblr it, and tweet it, and do it, and have that perception that ‘Yeah, I do this’ but it is really hard to live it. Like Mykki Blanco is this rapper who is about cross dressing and as much as you hate him or love him, he goes to Russia and he has to be weird, and gay, and strange there. Like, that’s dangerous, they might kill him. I have to be this, everywhere. So you got to live it, that’s what I’m saying. We can’t just talk about it anymore.”
— Childish Gambino (9/10/2014) – The Breakfast Club

“We have to take ownership of what we do, which is build culture. We do that, we build culture. But we have to own it.”
— Childish Gambino (9/10/2014) – The Breakfast Club

“Guys, they find love through their eyes, and we find love through our ears.”

— Tamia – The Breaskfast Club (05/07/2015)

I can never forgive an action, but […] it says “we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, we wrestle against principalities.” So those principalities are evil, those things, and they can jump on any individual. So when you start to hate an individual as opposed to the principality, that’s where we get confused.
— “Nick Cannon – 11/17/2016.” The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1FM

We live in a post-fact world. Everyone can make their own facts. You go on the internet, you can find anything that backs up your facts, you can find graphs that believe what you believe in, like everything.
— “Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016.” The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

[On Nelson Mandela effort in trying to prevent oppression in South Africa] If that was the surgery, we didn’t succeed in the rehab.
— “Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016.” The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Every leader should have a term limit because many politicians come in with noble intentions. [But] What they end up doing over time is creating a world that is often times a dictatorship where it is a mangled version of what they intended.
— “Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016.” The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

One thing I’ve come to love and learn when it comes to the American press is, you have to know they will frame the story in the way that is best for their narrative.
— “Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016.” Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

[On men acknowledging misogyny] a lot of the time the problem with that conversation, I feel, is it becomes ‘If I acknowledge it does that mean I have to give mine [male privilege] away?’
— “Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016.” Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

There is a difference between claiming a victimhood and standing up and saying that playing field is not level.
— “Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016.” Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

We’re not all going to play the same role. There’s agitators, there’s advocates, and then there are implementors and we all have a certain role that we play.
“1/23/2017 – Angela Rye” The Breakfast Club

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