Trevor Noah

Def Comedy Jam 25 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Some of the greatest comedians from the original Def Comedy Jam hit the stage, but mostly to read off prompters and introduce clips and others. Leaving only a handful of moments where you understand how this show became a hit.

Collected Quotes: From The Breakfast Club Interviews

Best Of They want you to have an Instagram and not a twitter. They want to see you, not hear you. “Amerie (5/19/2016) – Spoke by Charlamagne tha God.” The Breakfast Club Here is the interesting thing […] no matter what, when you have a male and a female in a relationship, it’s either that…

Collected Quotes: February 2017

Best of It’s easy to recognize your truth in retrospect. What’s hard is being true in the moment. —           Imperial Dreams An old lifer once told you, ‘All men suffer loss.’ But you know now that not all losses are the same. Only the ones that stop you from ever fighting again make you…

Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

While Trevor Noah, like many comedians today, dabbles in observations on politics, traveling and life, there isn’t a lot of yelling, screaming, cursing and what have you. It’s about the storytelling, the use of accents, and the type of comedy you hear from friends every day. Just laced up well into an hour long special.

Collected Quotes for the Month: December 2016

Best of [In response to those who say slavery was a long time ago, you need to get over it, etc] This is what I say to those people, ‘To argue that is to say effects don’t matter. To say that effects don’t compound. Everything that happens in the world has an effect. […] So…