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Collected Quotes: February 2017

by Amari
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It’s easy to recognize your truth in retrospect. What’s hard is being true in the moment.

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—           Imperial Dreams

An old lifer once told you, ‘All men suffer loss.’ But you know now that not all losses are the same. Only the ones that stop you from ever fighting again make you a loser. Make you go back to what’s easy. What you know. […] All the other losses just serve to strengthen you. Prepare you for what’s ahead.
—           Imperial Dreams

[…] a lot of Christians do, but not all of them, they go to this holy word, this bible, and they try to find this scripture and bend it around what they want it to bend around. Rather than leave it in its proper context.
— Madea On The Run – The Play

Remember: You can handle anything in the moment. It’s our fear of what might happen that undoes us.
— “Dream A Little Dream.” The Fosters



‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t fix anything. It just starts the conversation.
— “Hook.” MacGyver


"I want them to remember looking up at me not down."
- This is Us: Season 1/ Episode 16 "Memphis"

We are a constellation of experiences, expressions, and identities. Ours is a mesmerizing constellation, so vast it can’t be contained, so plentiful it can’t be denied, so brilliant, it shines through the dark.


I always refer to myself as ‘Yo soy un milagro,’ which means that I am a miracle. There was a reason why I didn’t get killed when I was on the streets. There was a reason why when I overdosed in an alley, the paramedics came and got me. There was a reason why I didn’t get killed when I was in prison. I’m supposed to be here doing what I’m supposed to be doing.
The Trans List

I know it just seems very… shallow in a sense, but I think for trans people, our outer selves are very important to us. They’re very important to the way we present to the world because it’s the way the world comes back to us.

People dressed me up to be somethin’ else. I was socialized to be somethin’ else and now I have to, you know, deconstruct all of that to get to where I was supposed to be. Because if you left it up to me I would have been like this since I was four. When I said I was a girl.

I ask myself […] when […] I go out to the club sometime and I’m […] doin’ a molly or I’m smokin’ a blunt or I’m having a cocktail, […] what’s making me do this? Am I enjoying it? Am I doing it ‘cause I want to? Or, am I doing it ‘cause it’s an escape and it’s comfort, it’s normal for me.

I spent so much on life just living but I don’t know how much quality of living I’ve actually put towards […] bettering myself.

The Rest

When you’re one of a kind, you get targeted.

Becoming connected to your sexuality and your body sexually is a huge part of becoming yourself, and understanding and loving your body, it changes everything.
The Trans List

I can act, I can wear the clothes, I’m comfortable in my womanhood. But what does that really mean? What is this thing ‘female’ I still struggle with that. It’s more than hair and makeup. It’s more than the pitch of your voice. I didn’t grow up having my first period. I didn’t grow up on my first date. I didn’t have all of these things that all women experience. I am a trans women. My experience is different and I think I am different than other women, and I never want to disrespect women from that standpoint, but I’m much more comfortable over on that side, and that’s the first time in my life I can ever say that.

I’ve never regretted my surgery. It was important for me. I do know and have heard of people where, ‘It’s gonna make me a woman.” You know, ‘I can’t wait!’ And it’s like no, it’ll help you function, but it’s never gonna make you a complete woman. That’s just a small part of the whole picture.

Sometimes waiting and being disappointed was good, to remind me he didn’t belong to me. Nothing belonged to me.
– “Chapter 9: Wavy – 1982” All The Ugly and Wonderful Things (Page 124)

I haven’t had a happy life. Bad breaks and bad choices. A life of almosts and could-haves. Some would call it sad, but I don’t. ‘Cause the two best things in my life were the person in the very beginning and the person at the very end. That’s a pretty good thing to be able to say, I think.
– This is Us: Season 1/ Episode 16 “Memphis”



He squeezed me tight, almost as tight as I needed. […] Tight enough to tell me I was important to him. A little tighter and I would know I was more important than anything else. That was what I wanted.
— “Chapter 6: Kellen.” All The Ugly And Wonderful Things: A Novel – Page 113

[…] the stupidity that makes people feel their whole world will end by the simplest of rejections, making them feel that way is what love is.
— “Welcome to the X Dimension.” Scum’s Wish

We think silent people are good listeners. But I shut up so people leave me alone.
It’s Only The End of the World

All you can do is apologize from the bottom of your heart for the things you did, for the things you didn’t do, for what you knew how to do and what you did not know how to do, apologize for them and mean it.
— Madea On The Run – The Play

Let me tell you something: Never judge a book by the cover. Sometime you got to go up in there and write what you want on the pages.
— Madea On The Run – The Play

[…] Marriage, otherwise known as adjusting expectations for adults.
One Night

Just because you make it look easy doesn’t mean it is.
One Night

The hood is the cruelest of prisons. The most unusual of punishments. […] And when you’re born in prison, you don’t know what to do with freedom. No matter how shiny they make it.

—           Imperial Dreams

The happier the memory, the more unlikely it is that you’ll remember it.
One Night



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