Collected Quotes From November 2022

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In this post, you’ll find quotes from movies and TV Shows released in November 2022.

Bar Fight

Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to the genius.
— Tiffany

Cherish The Day

Episode 7

I’m still hungry, I’m just not thirsty.
— Sunday

Episode 6

We can’t fish into the past and expect to fix the present.
— Sunday

Episode 5

You give meaning to your name, not the other way around.
— Sunday to Bree

Dear Zoe

I needed a little distance to feel something that wasn’t sadness or anger.
— Tess

The Good Doctor

Episode 6

Living with a physical disability is not like living with cancer. You’re not dying, you’re not sick.
— Dr. Powell

Reasonable Doubt

Episode 8

You push away the people that know you best because you don’t like to be seen.
— Shanelle

I’m sorry that you’ve had so much trauma in your life that you have to create it even when it’s not there.
— Shanelle

I don’t like being seen and you saw me, all the parts. I got enough mirrors in my house. I didn’t need another one staring back at me.
— Brayden

Episode 7

What you don’t see, you can’t lie about.

I’m not asking you to change, I’m asking you to grow.
— Lewis

Queen Sugar

Episode 13

Love goes its own way, just like the river. You can’t force it or make it go your way. If you smart, you’ll just flow with it.
— Ernest quoting Trudy

It doesn’t matter how love comes, rich, poor, man, woman, Black, White, here, or hereafter, it flows its own way and you gotta flow with it.

It may not be my fault, but it’s still my responsibility.
— Charley

You have to be satisfied with how hard you tried.
— Micah

Episode 12

Our dreams shine brighter when they are stepping stones for others.
— Dr. Barnes

“Don’t be too strong to fall apart.”
— Billie

Episode 11

It’s what we’re used to, but it doesn’t have to be what it is.
— Rae

See, The Thing Is…

A lot of people get stunted at the age where you were most traumatized.
— Nina Parker

Me merely acknowledging them is giving them a gift they haven’t earned.
— Blue Telusma

Some people get fed the interaction no matter how minute, and then you give them a story to tell. I don’t want to help you with that.
— Blue Telusma

It’s impossible to learn from a mistake that you refuse to acknowledge that you even made.
— Blue Telusma

A good friend let’s you be who you actually are and decides to opt-in and out of who you actually are and not who they wish you were.
— Blue Telusma

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me

“What has been is not what will be.”
— Selena Gomez

Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would

love may be unconditional, but “like” has a time limit.
— Trevor Noah

The White Lotus

Episode 3

They used to respect the old. Now, we’re just reminders of an offensive past everybody wants to forget.
— Bert

Episode 2

I think some women cut off their husband’s balls, and then they wonder why they’re not attracted to them anymore.
— Daphne

J.ill The Podcast

The 20s you work hard, the 30s you work smart, the 40s you work how you want to, the 50s are for working when you want to, and the 60s are for working if you want to.
— Jill Scott (J.ill The Podcast Episode 76)

The Breakfast Club

I can’t teach you how to be no man, somethings you’re gonna learn on your own but I’m damn sure gonna teach you how not to be a b****.
— Chico Bean

Let The Right One In

Episode 6

I can’t be forgiven if I keep committing the same sin.
— Mark


Episode 6

There is no controlling a raging river. You must learn to navigate it without drowning.
— Goody

Episode 5

Sometimes a sharp tongue can cut deep.
— Gomez

Episode 4

Fire tests gold, suffering tests a woman.
— Bianca (quoting her mom)

The Sound of Christmas

We clean up what we mess up, in life and in the kitchen.
— Montana

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