Keera playing a flute.

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So, it seems we won’t be heading off to Greenwood since Keera pops up. That is, alongside a slave marketer who, through the power of touch, teaches Diablo a thing or two.

Director(s) Yūta Murano
Writer(s) Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Air Date 8/9/2018
Actors Introduced
Medios Oohara Sayaka
Keera Ishida Akira

Welcome To The Slave Market: Shera, Diablo, Medios, Celestine

Based on Celestine’s recommendation, Diablo and his people head over to a slave market to see if the slaver, a woman named Medios, may know a way to break the curse. Does she? The answer is no. However, she does teach Diablo how to sense and read magic. Understand the flow of it in someone’s body. Something he practices with a nearly naked Shera. Leading to lots of lewd sounds which definitely are not safe for work.


Let’s bypass talking about the ecchi and look more into this whole sensing thing. If Diablo did what he did to Shera, would that mean he’d encounter the demon lord? Maybe even agitate it? For with the way he talked about having to unravel a lot of yarn like strands of magic, did we just learn what he’d have to do in order to free Rem?

Also, taking note of what was just said, could they see the person behind the Diablo persona if they explored him?

A Simple Charm: Alicia, Rem

Rem's hand glowing after a charm Alicia said.

While Shera is making orgasmic sounds, Rem and Alicia are just freaked out while listening and talking amongst themselves. One thing brought up is how Rem has secrets and Alicia, possibly just being cute, does a charm on Rem’s hand which causes a reaction. The kind which makes you wonder if Alicia has ulterior reasons for joining this group beyond peace with the Greenwood kingdom.


With Alicia talking about seeming righteous leading to mounting lies, actual quote below, it makes you wonder what she has lied about? For example, is she actually an imperial knight? On top of that, could it be between monitoring Diablo to maybe Rem, that is her true task? Between what she says and how Rem’s hand reacted, something seems off here. For while it could just be the demon inside of Rem reacting to foreign magic, one thing How Not To Summon a Demon Lord has shown is that there is more to this anime than meets the eye.

Hello Brother: Keera, Shera, Rem, Diablo

In the night time, before bed, Keera shows up and speaks as if everything that has happened was a misunderstanding. The bounty, threats of war, everything that made it seem Shera is creating a whole lot of issues. Which, of course, leads everyone to raise an eyebrow. Why is he being so nice? What led to him coming in person to talk and say he’d respect Shera’s wishes? It is all very phony and we see, before the credits, he clearly has something planned. What exactly? That’s currently unknown. All that is clear is that we are still trapped in that damn town so Keera better make things interesting.


Keera yelling his sister's name.
Keera: SHERA!

Is it wrong to be upset we’re still trapped in Faltra? I was so excited about the idea of us actually leaving the town and then it becomes we’re going to this tent, and right back to the room where ¼ of this show takes place. The lack of adventure is going to become an issue – at least for me. Since one of the counterbalances for how ridiculous this show can be is seeing Diablo overpower cocky people. That is, alongside explore what seems to be a rich world that has an established culture. A culture we barely have gone past the surface of.

Yet, I’m starting to fear this might be the most we should hope for. Someone coming to Diablo trying to start something, him handling it, a boob grab here, some lewd sounds there, shame, rinse, and repeat. Making me really hope Keera produces something interesting during his arc. If not Alicia reveals she is not as she appears to be. For we’re already in way too deep to quit now.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, was Medios just selling sex slaves more so than the menial labor variety?
  2. How do these women not get cold? The men are covered up as much as can be yet the women, somehow, seem fine with the only thing covered being their privates, feet and calves, and maybe part of their shoulders – depending on the person.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

The harder you try to be righteous, the more your lies steadily increase.
— Alicia (How Not To Summon a Demon Lord)

Low Points

  1. This show feeling like it may never go beyond the city limits of Faltra. Never mind it will barely stray away from the room Diablo and his people sleep in.

On The Fence

  1. Keera showing up since who knows if that may lead to something interesting.
  2. Alicia’s charm possibly meaning there is more to her motives than meets the eye.

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  1. It is definitely a lost opportunity to explore the world more as so far other than that one walk out to the forest, we really haven’t gotten much of a look at anything outside of the city. And as you said, it seems like this should all be part of a much larger world that seems like it has been established given comments by characters about other places and cultures so it would be great to see some of it.
    That said, I am still generally enjoying the show so far for what it is.

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