Elizabeth Harvest likely will play out how you expect it to, but it doesn’t make it any less entertaining to watch.

Director(s) Sebastian Gutierrez
Screenplay By Sebastian Gutierrez
Date Released 8/10/2018
Genre(s) Mystery, Sci-Fi, Romance
Good If You Like Movies With Small Casts

Films With Predictable Twists

Actors Introduced
Claire Stratton Carla Gugino
Dr. Henry Kellenberg Ciarán Hinds
Oliver Matthew Beard
Elizabeth Abbey Lee


For over 5 years Claire has worked with the brilliant, noble prize winning, Dr. Henry Kellenberg. Together they were working on a cure for Werner Syndrome, a follow up to Dr. Kellenberg’s somatic cell breakthrough. But while that was happening, Dr. Kellenberg was dealing with a son, Oliver, and found himself a new bridge in Elizabeth. A young woman whose curiosity gets the best of her. Leading to the very private Dr. Kellenberg, as seen by his isolated home, to having to punish her. One whack at a time. All the while, for reasons never dived into, I think, Claire turned the other cheek. Be it because of the research or other reasons. Leaving us to wonder, could Elizabeth ever escape?

[tooltips keyword=’I Want Spoilers’ content = ‘Elizabeth is a clone of Mrs. Kellenberg who died decades ago. Henry made clones of his wife but needed help curing them of what killed her, Werner Syndrome, a neurodegenerative disease. Claire helped with this. Meanwhile, Oliver, a clone of Henry, was made but later possibly blinded out of jealousy. But, all this ends up not mattering for, after killing up to 4 clones, the 5th one kills Henry while Claire is dealing with some heart disease issue. From there, she tries to escape but cannot. Partly because Oliver traps her and forces her to read the journal Claire kept that details everything. For while he has a hunch about the truth, he wants it confirmed. But, no sooner from when Elizabeth 5 learn the truth, she ends up killed, alongside Oliver, by the last Elizabeth. Someone who leaves as Claire returns and, with Claire not feeling inclinded to stop her, Elizabeth 6 leaves.’]

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why did Claire stay, considering what Dr. Kellenberg was doing? I’m sure he paid her enough to make up for how disgraced her name was.
  2. Um, so did Claire have heart issues or did Henry, maybe Oliver, do something to her?

Collected Quote(s) or .Gifs

The only measure of an action is its consequence.
— Henry

We’re not the prize, we’re the bait.
— Oliver

On The Fence

While No Idea Feels Fresh, It Is Still Entertaining

Elizabeth laying on the floor.

Like most films nowadays, the trailer doesn’t so much hint but gives away the best parts of the movie. And while the film adds [tooltips keyword=’spoiler’ content = ‘clone-gate with it seeming damn near everyone was a clone’] to the film, story-wise, nothing pops. Then, in terms of performance? While very much a fan of Gugino and Hinds, they do as they always do in B-Grade movies. They give you enough so you can’t blame them for how you feel about the movie, but don’t necessarily take it to the next level either.

I will say though, even with them not upping this movie and the film not pushing boundaries or taking paths not already well-tread, it’s enjoyable. It has a few jump scares, if you are heavily into female nudity, it has that, and also quite a bit of violence.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

This film is not going to win any awards or be the go-to for anyone’s filmography. It’s interesting, for sure, but it also has this vibe that it should have been a Netflix original. That is, in the sense that while $7.00 isn’t much, considering you get 100s of movies for a few dollars more, this doesn’t seem worth it. Yet, if you are a fan of Gutierrez’s work, you do see some growth in his work.

Leading to why the mixed label. While uninspiring and very middle of the road, almost generic in a way, there remains something likable about Elizabeth Harvest. Be it the consistency we always get from Hinds and Gugino or just watching Lee struggle with understanding her character’s purpose and watching her attempts to escape. There is something there which may not tip the scale but does make this enjoyable enough to check out.

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