Disney+’s The Mandalorian: Cast and Characters

Title Card - The Mandalorian Season 1, Episode 1 “Chapter 1” [Series Premiere]
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A show/ character guide for Disney+’s The Mandalorian featuring who plays who, character descriptions, storylines, and general information.

Information is updated as new episodes are released and watched, and images are changed as better ones are captured. Also, this content contains pertinent spoilers.


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The Child aka Baby Yoda

Character Introduction

First Noted In: Season 1, Episode 1 “Chapter 1” [Series Premiere]

When we’re introduced to “The Child,” commonly referred to as Baby Yoda, they have a bounty on their head and, for reasons not revealed, are far away from their home planet. However, despite the money paid to Mando for their retrieval, he decides to keep the child rather than let them possibly be dissected.

Additional Information About Baby Yoda

  • Is estimated to be about 50 years old.
  • Loves to eat seafood and amphibians.


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