The Mandalorian: Season 1, Episode 5 “Chapter 5: The Gunslinger” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

The Mandalorian continues to planet hop, as he tries to escape persecution, and comes across an assassin whose resume includes working for the Hutts.

Directed By Dave Filoni
Written By Dave Filoni
Air Date (Disney+) 12/6/2019
Introduced This Episode
Peli Amy Serdaris
Toro Jake Cannavale
Fennec Ming-Na Wen


The Issue With A Personal Touch: The Mandalorian, Peli

Peli (Amy Serdaris) after baby Yoda startles her.
Peli (Amy Serdaris)

With so many people after The Mandalorian, whether in space or on land, he is not truly safe. Due to that, he finds himself landing on Tatooine and encountering the space mechanic Peli. Someone who is a bit weird, and doesn’t appreciate Mando’s aversion to droids since that means she has to do things by hand. However, between the money promised and getting to play with baby Yoda, that helps ease the workload Mando places on her.

The Kid Who Wants A Reputation: The Mandalorian, Toro

Toro (Jake Cannavale) waiting for Mando to return.
Toro (Jake Cannavale)

But, with Mando not working, so comes the issue of payment and with him no longer in a guild, and with a downed ship, so comes a handful of obstacles. Luckily, Toro, someone trying to get into a guilt, he has a bounty and wants to make a deal. Mando gets the money and Toro gets to make the claim. Which, for Mando, are agreeable terms for what fame does he want or need at the moment? He is one of the most infamous people in the galaxy right now.

Greed Will Get You Killed: The Mandalorian, Toro, Fennec, Peli

Fennec (Ming-Na Wen) being held hostage.
Fennec (Ming-Na Wen)

This is something Toro learns after the great Fennec, an elite mercenary who worked for all the top crime syndicates, finds herself taken in and trying to negotiate with Toro. However, despite her experience, it seems she didn’t factor the kid deciding to be greedy and kill her and try to bring Mando and baby Yoda in.

Though, while the kid tries to use Peli and baby Yoda as hostages to get Mando to do as he wants, he is still new to the game. So almost as soon as he tries to get the upper hand, the kid is killed. And with the trouble he has brought Peli, who in the long run was rather nice, Mando pays her well and is off.



Showing Even The Greatest Assassins Are Still Human

One of the issues in a past episode was the need to wonder if, in showing Mando as someone who isn’t perfect, does that hurt his legend? Well, with showing Fennec be good at what she does, and stacking her resume, and following that with her being killed by a rookie, what this show reminds you is these people are human. Meaning, while they have vast training and knowledge, they can’t prep for everything and everyone. Especially if they are working alone.

So, no matter how legendary they are as killers or bounty hunters, that doesn’t mean some big and dumb animal, or some kid, can’t be the one who kills them.

On The Fence

Wondering Where This Show Is Going?

Baby Yoda is clearly what is getting people talking and will create a huge amount of revenue for Disney. But, as for Mando, and the show? I do wonder if they are becoming a crutch? For one of the main issues right now is Mando is on the run and isn’t running to anywhere. Also, it isn’t like he is trying to explore where baby Yoda came from, who took him, or any of that. So it feels like we’re getting episode upon episode which is as formulaic as police or doctor procedurals. And I don’t know how strong the appeal of Baby Yoda is to keep this up.

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Showing Even The Greatest Assassins Are Still Human - 85%
Wondering Where This Show Is Going? - 70%


Trajectory – Plateau: If there isn’t an investment in where things are going long term, the show will definitely decline. For while Baby Yoda is cute, increasingly, they are becoming a superficial figure on a basic action show.

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