The Mandalorian: Season 1, Episode 6 “Chapter 6: The Prison” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Another episode, another job that doesn’t further the story but offers a whole lot of action and additional layers to Mando’s legacy.

Network Disney+
Directed By Rick Famuyiwa
Written By Christopher Yost, Rick Famuyiwa
Air Date 12/13/2019
Introduced This Episode
Ran Mark Boone Junior
Mayfeld Bill Burr
Burg Clancy Brown
Zero Richard Ayoade
Xi’an Natalia Tena
Davan Matt Lanter
Qin Ismael Cruz Cordova


Hello Old Friend: Ran, Mando

With no guild backing him, and a child to feed, Mando finds himself forced to deal with even his sketchy old contacts to make ends meet. Hence him reuniting with Ran, who may have semi-retired, but still has jobs available. The most recent one being a retrieval – no questions asked.

Why Can’t A Job Ever Be Easy?: Mando, Mayfeld, Burg, Zero, Xi’an

But, unfortunately for Mando, this job is neither solo nor straightforward. He is working with 3 people and a droid and has to board a New Republic syndicate ship filled with droids to break out a prisoner. Said job begins with a litany of issues due to Burg deciding to be nosy, and Mayfeld encouraging Burg. As for Xi’an? Like Ran, she has a history with Mando but she makes it clear their issues may not run deep but do play a role.

As for Zero? Like most robots in the Star Wars universe, he is just a sarcastic ass, which makes Mando like him even less.

You Brought This On Yourself: Mando, Mayfeld, Burg, Zero, Xi’an, Davan, Qin, Ran, The Child

Once they reach the control room, things go left. They find a living person, Davan, on the ship, and after Mando trying to handle things peacefully, Xi’an kills them. Following that, we learn the rescue is her brother Qin and no sooner than he is out of his cell is Mando pushed in.

However, he escapes. Leading to him hunting them one by one and imprisoning them as Zero, on the ship, encounters The Child. Someone who was seen earlier, while on the way to the prison ship, but not threatened. Zero, on the other hand, decides he is going to kill The Child, but before he does, and The Child tries to use the force, Mando kills him.

Leading to him bringing Qin back, who bargained for his life by reminding Mando he won’t get the bounty without him. But, no sooner is he dropped off, and Mando paid, Ran aims to kill Mando. Thing is, Mando took the beacon from the prison ship which calls upon New Republic ships, and they shoot up and destroy Ran’s home and him as well.


On The Fence

Will This Story Ever Move Forward?

At this point, it seems the main reason to watch this show is to hope something happens. Which seems less and less likely episode by episode. If anything, like how the movie series repeats itself and seems unable to move on from the shackles of the past, so does The Mandalorian. Making it so, episode by episode, Baby Yoda becomes less of a highlight and more of a crutch. One which is beginning to bend as the show puts nearly its entire weight on a character that is shown for less than 8 minutes.

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Will This Story Ever Move Forward? - 70%


Trajectory – Declining: The Mandalorian is starting to feel like it isn’t going anywhere, and with the action beginning to lose its luster, it desperately needs to build up its story, its lead, or make Baby Yoda more than a merchandising phenomenon.

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