After moving light years ahead, we’re back to a mission of the week story. However, this one deals with Moff Gideon and why they want The Child.

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After moving light years ahead, we’re back to a mission of the week story. However, this one deals with Moff Gideon and why they want The Child.

Director(s) Carl Weathers
Writer(s) Jon Favreau
Aired (Disney Plus) 11/20/2020
Introduced This Episode
Myhtrol Horatio Sanz

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Reunited – Din, Cara, Greef Kraga

With the Razor Crest in disrepair, it is decided to go to Nevarro to get repairs done. Upon arrival, the familiar faces of Cara, who is now the local marshall, and Greef Kraga, who has a leadership position, greet Din, and offer free* repairs.

Something Sinister Is Afoot – Din, Cara, Greeg Kraga, Mythrol

Now, why is there an asterisk? Well, because they want a favor in exchange. Said favor? Helping them handle an imperial base, which is the last remnants of the Empire’s presence.

Myhtrol (Horatio Sanz) noting he is working off a debt
Myhtrol (Horatio Sanz)

This, initially, was thought to be a simple mission, for it was assumed there would be a skeleton crew there. However, they actually had a full squad, but it was still stormtroopers and people who clearly weren’t ready for a real fight. Which makes the destruction of the base even easier – even with Myhtrol complaining throughout the whole venture.

Nothing Good Ever Comes For Free – Moff Gideon, Dr. Pershing

Leading to the question of what was going on there, right? Well, the base is used to do some type of experiments that Dr. Pershing was executing under Moff Gideon. On top of that, we finally get some clue as to what they need The Child for – and it is their blood. For that blood seems to be the key to what they are trying to do. But, as for what that is? The show is very stingy with specifics.


On The Fence

Learning To Appreciate Favreau’s Take on Star Wars

When it comes to The Mandalorian, I think there is a need to recognize it has no desire to be like the movies. It doesn’t want to be flashy, speed through things, and act as if it is pressed for time. Din doesn’t have to worry about a Death Star, barely cares about the Empire or the New Republic for that matter, and his mission isn’t pressing.

Yes, a part of him likely would like it to be over, but considering his version of the Mandalorian often are secluded nomads, this likely is the closest he’ll ever get to having a child. Never mind some sort of long term partner, even though he has worked with people multiple times in the series alone. But in terms of close connections? That doesn’t exist.

Moff Gideon exasperated

Which makes FINALLY having some clue what Moff Gideon wants the child for a godsend. Granted, it was towards the end of the episode, so we ended up spending most of it on details you can walk away from. But with knowing there is something about The Child’s blood, it does make you wonder, is Goff Mideon trying to make an evil Yoda race? If not some new version of the Stormtrooper?

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Learning To Appreciate Favreau's Take on Star Wars - 75%


While The Mandalorian continues to play that slow and steady wins the race, we do learn why Moff Gideon wants The Child – in theory.

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