It’s a reunion episode as Mando brings Cara and Kuiil to Navarro in hopes that Greef Karga may genuinely seek peace as “The Client” becomes a mutual problem.

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It’s a reunion episode as Mando brings Cara and Kuiil to Navarro in hopes that Greef Karga may genuinely seek peace as “The Client” becomes a mutual problem.

Directed By Deborah Chow
Written By Jon Favreau
Network Disney+
Air Date 12/18/2019
Introduced This Episode
Moff Gideon Giancarlo Esposito


A Proposal & Preparation For Betrayal: Greef Karga, Mando, Cara, IG-11, Kuiil

Cara with a drink in her hand, listening to Mando's proposal.

For weeks now, Mando has been on the run trying to eek some kind of existence out in the universe while protecting The Child. This has proven difficult since, as seen in the last episode, even old friends are more than willing to betray Mando for varying reasons. But, with Greef Karga speaking of a possible peace, due to The Client taking over Nevarro and stifling the guild, it seems the enemy of my enemy, who formerly was my enemy, is now my friend – or at least useful.

So, the plan becomes that Mando will be the bait and will kill the client, thus leading to Nevarro returning to some form of normalcy. However, Mando doesn’t trust Greef Karga so he convinces Cara and Kuiil, with his reprogrammed IG-11, to come with him.

The Truth Can Lead People To Change Their Position: Greef Karga, Mando, Cara, The Child

The Child choking Cara with the force.

Not too long after landing, and settling in for the night, Greef Karga, Mando, Cara, and their teams are attacked by pterodactyl looking birds who kill one of Kuiil’s Burgs and injure Greef Karga. Someone who learns, as Cara did earlier, the powers of the child. Which, for Cara, it was the child using the force, and it nearly choking her to death. As for Greef Karga? He learns of the child’s healing powers.

Leading to Greef KArga killing members of his guild for, originally, as expected, he was going to betray Mando. But with learning what the child can do, and with the client being an Imperial, he doesn’t want the child getting into his hands. Especially since, as we learn this episode, Nevarro was one of the Empire’s last major strongholds. Making the possibility of the empire getting the child a possible acquisition that could change history.

A New Villain: Moff Gideon, Greef Karga, Mando, Cara, Kuiil, The Client, The Child

Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) arriving and making his presence known.
Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito)

So, the new plan is pretty much the old one, where Greef Karga will bring Mando in to meet The Client, and then they will double-cross them to free Nevarro, under the assumption all the stormtroopers and soldiers will scatter. Cara and Mando decide she is coming with them for extra protection while Kuiil is to return to the ship with the child.

As you can imagine, this plan goes awry. First, due to Moff Gideon, someone higher up on the chain in the Imperial Order, deciding to massacre the meeting and leaving only Greef Karga, Mando, and Cara alive. Following that, as Mando tells Kuiil to escape – on an unsecured channel – he ends up being killed and the child taken.

Leaving us waiting to see if the child kills his captors and tries to run off or will Moff Gideon get what he came for.

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • The doctor, who claimed he would protect The Child, is nowhere to be found.



The Death of Kuiil

The Mandalorian hasn’t really presented a strong threat to any member of its cast, and while there has been a lot of back and forth, no one we were meant to care about died. That changed with Kuiil and it also pushed this idea that, as much as we can assume Mando is safe, that doesn’t mean the same can be said with his allies. Meaning Cara, the now friendly Greef Karga, and perhaps even his acquaintance, Omera, who we met in 1.4, could be in danger. Thus building some sense of excitement for a show that has slowly become a bit routine.

A Formidable Villain & The Possibility Of Finally Having A Storyline

Moff Gideon, played by the great Giancarlo Esposito, is perhaps the first villain we’ve gotten on this show who seems like he’ll last for an arc. With that, it seems the show may truly begin rather than throw us on one episodic adventure after another. Plus, with Moff Gideon being a member of the empire and a seemingly powerful one at that, we may get a further outlook on how the universe is, rather than small pockets. Also, he might be the key to learning why The Child is on the Empire’s radar and how they discovered his existence.

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The Death of Kuiil - 85%
A Formidable Villain & The Possibility Of Finally Having A Storyline - 90%


Trajectory – Upward: With a credible villain and some sense of a storyline on a horizon, The Mandalorian feels like it has exited its infant stage and may become more than the show known for Baby Yoda.

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