Baby Yoda leaving with his adopted father.

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The Mandalorian heads to Sorgan to hopefully hideaway but, with that suit of armor, always comes trouble and expectations.

Directed By Bryce Dallas Howard
Written By Jon Favreau
Air Date (Disney+) 11/29/2019
Introduced This Episode
Cara Gina Carano
Omera Julia Jones


Trying To Lay Low: Cara, The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian finds a planet without much human density named Sorgan, and finds the closest thing to civilization is a village wish farms krill. But, it seems he isn’t the first person on the run, or trying to lay low, to find the planet. Cara, a veteran of the rebellion, who is seeking early retirement, has been there a week, and she makes it clear the planet can’t be shared – and we, later on, see why.

The Helmet Is What Gave Me Away?: Omera, Cara, The Mandalorian

But, as The Mandalorian is prepping to leave, or at least rest the night before leaving, a local village calls upon The Mandalorian to help them with Klatoonian invaders. People who have an AT-ST and have been harassing them for weeks now.

This leads to The Mandalorian, more so due to food and shelter than money, deciding to help the village and even bring Cara into the mix. That combination, alongside the most trained member of the village, Omera, take on the Klatoonians and defeat them. Leading to the idea of relaxing a bit, maybe joining the village, and even taking off the helmet. Something he does to eat, among other things, but as for other people seeing his face? The Mandalorian says no one has seen his face since he was a child.

He’ll Never Be Safe: The Mandalorian, Omera, Cara, The Child

With the Klatoonians gone, there is the idea of leaving The Child in the village. It is secluded, seems safe, but then someone takes aim at The Child, and if it weren’t for Cara, the kid would be dead. So as much as the place feels like it could be like home, and Omera could maybe provide the kid, and The Mandalorian, normalcy and a family, it is clear their presence would threaten their way of life – so they leave.

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Baby Yoda pushing a button
Baby Yoda reminding people he is the oldest in the room.

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  1. Did anyone else think Cara looked like she was CGI? Almost like someone you’d expect from an XBOX exclusive game?
  2. Has The Mandalorian cleaned that child or inspected him for a tracker?



The Father/ Son Bond That’s Forming

It’s adorable how The Mandalorian treats the kid. Granted, he did try to abandon him, but let’s not pretend the life the Mandalorian lives isn’t violent. Which isn’t to downplay how many times the kid came along, and how he saved the Mandalorian from the mudhorn, but the point is – the Mandalorian is clearly trying to have it so the kid has normalcy in his life. That is, as opposed to what the Mandalorian went through as a child for the sake of survival.

The Action

One think The Mandalorian guarantees week in and week out is action. However, this time, it takes things up a notch with the AT-ST and that major battle vs. him versus one or two dozen people. Making it so, the only thing which could have made this more awesome would be the kid using the force again.

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The Father/ Son Bond That’s Forming - 85%
The Action - 84%


Trajectory – Plateau: In many ways, The Mandalorian is more of the same from episode to episode. We get some cute moments out of baby Yoda, some idea of the Mandalorian’s childhood, and a handful of action scenes. Oh, and we’re introduced to characters you aren’t 100% sure you’ll ever see again.

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