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The Cleaning Lady Cast & Character Guide

by Amari
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Information about FOX’s “The Cleaning Lady,” including the latest information about its characters, organizations, locations, and more.

Please Note: This content contains pertinent spoilers, descriptions are updated as new information is presented, images changed as better ones are captured, and this is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, guest star, or reoccurring role.

General Information

Created or Developed ByMiranda Kwok
First Aired1/3/2022

Groups & Organizations

  • ():

Notable Locations & Items

  • Las Vegas (1.1): Where the show takes place
  • Oasis Concierge Clinic (1.2): Dr. Saroyan’s medical practice

Other Noteworthy Information

  • TNT (1.1): A Tagalog term that breaks down to “tago ng tago,” translating to hiding and hiding. It represents and describes undocumented people in the US and hiding from ICE.

Thony De La Rosa (Elodie Yung)

Thony (Elodie Yung) cleaning after one of Arman's wife's parties

Thony (Elodie Yung)

Back in Manila, the Cambodian-born Thony was a doctor, had a husband named Marco, and a beautiful life. But, with her son Luca having an immunodeficiency disorder, one that could not be treated in the Philippines, she was borderline coerced to come to the United States to find a donor and for him to get treatment.

Unfortunately, the donor match which drew her to the US fell through, and she has waited for months hoping she’d get the call that could save her son’s life. Till then, she has lived with her sister-in-law and her two kids, and with being unable to practice medicine in the United States, she cleans to make ends meet.

Additional Information

Quotes & Gifs

Luca (Sebastien LaSalle and Valentino LaSalle)

Luca (Sebatien and Valentino LaSalle) laying down

Luca (Sebatien and Valentino LaSalle)

5-year-old Luca has a rare immune deficiency disorder. Because of that, and the lack of bone marrow donors back home, especially who match someone Cambodian and Filipino, his mother, Thony, brought him to the United States. Her hopes are that he’ll, once more, get called about a donor, to help treat his core issues, and she’ll find better care for him in the US than even she, a doctor, can procure back home.

Additional Information

Quotes & Gifs

Fiona (Martha Millan)

Fiona (Martha Millan) talking to Thony

Fiona (Martha Millan)

Fiona is Thony’s sister-in-law who immigrated to Las Vegas and has had a bit of a tough time there. Partly because of her taste in men and not getting to experience the American dream. For while she has a roof over her head, food in her refrigerator, and kids who seem pretty happy, she can’t say the same about herself due to cleaning all throughout the week and often being exhausted.

Additional Information

Quotes & Gifs

Chris (Sean Lew)

Chris mad at his mom

Chris is Fiona’s oldest child and son, who is supposed to watch his little sister and cousin, but often is in his room with the door closed.

Additional Information

Quotes & Gifs

Jazz (Faith Bryant)

Jazz is Chris’ little sister, Fiona’s youngest, and who Luca seems the closest to besides his mom in America.

Additional Information

Quotes & Gifs

Arman Morales (Adan Canto)

Arman (Adan Canto) asking Thony to work for him

Arman (Adan Canto)

From what he tells us, Arman was raised by a woman similar to Fiona and Thony, who sacrificed so that he could have better. And yet, Arman is some kind of gangster, dabbling in multiple illegal trades. But, maybe there is some solace for his mother in Arman being married to a woman named Nadia, even though his wife is one real piece of work.

Additional Information

Quotes & Gifs

Hayak Barsamian

Hayak (Navid Negahban) talking to Thony

Hayak (Navid Negahban)

Hayak is Arman’s boss, who also employed his father in the past. His work is in arms dealing, among other illegal activities.

Additional Information

Councilman Eric Knight

Councilman Eric Knight (Jay Mohr) chilling in Hayak's club

Councilman Eric Knight (Jay Mohr)

LAs Vegas councilman Eric Knight enjoys the benefits of his position, such as people like Arman and Hayak courting him to buy hotels.

Additional Information


Nadia (Eva De Dominici) questioning Thony showing up

Nadia (Eva De Dominici)

Nadia is Arman’s wife and business partner who enjoys the occasional orgy at her home.

Additional Information


Marco (Ivan Shaw) in a video call with his son

Marco (Ivan Shaw)

Marco is Luca’s father, Thony’s husband, who is still in Manila.

Additional Information


Mateo (Ivo Nandi) ready to shoot Viktor

Mateo (Ivo Nandi)

Mateo was Arman’s right hand before his death in episode 2

Additional Information

Dr. Daniel Saroyan

Dr. Daniel Saroyan (Antonio Leon) noting Thony saved her son

Dr. Daniel Saroyan (Antonio Leon)

Dr. Saroyan is Hayak’s family doctor who also is often the physician used whenever one of Hayak’s men get injured on the job.

Additional Information

Renee Lawson

Renee Lawson (Esodie Geiger) watching Thony

Renee Lawson (Esodie Geiger)

Renee is an FBI agent paired with Garrett, seemingly to keep him in line.

Additional Information

Garrett Miller

Garrett (Oliver Hudson) prepping to question Fiona

Garrett (Oliver Hudson)

Garrett is an FBI agent currently trying to take down Arman, who only recently got off the bench from being overzealous in his pursuit of justice.

Additional Information


Carlos is promoted to Arman’s right hand after Mateo’s death.

Additional Information


Viktor (Vick Sabian) with a gun pointed at Arman

Viktor (Vick Sabian)

Viktor is an Armenian arms dealer who is a client of Hayak and Arman.

Additional Information

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