The Cleaning Lady: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Kabayan” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Desperate to maintain some sense of hope, Fiona and Thony track down the man who was supposed to be Luca’s donor as Arman deals with the feds encroaching.

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Thony, Joe, and Fiona at Joe's job

Desperate to maintain some sense of hope, Fiona and Thony track down the man who was supposed to be Luca’s donor as Arman deals with the feds encroaching.

Aired 1/31/2022
Network FOX
Directed By Lisa France
Written By Raf Green
Introduced This Episode
Joe Lou Diamond Phillips
Brandon Daniel Lissing
Grace Grace Phillips
Lexi Jessica Delgado


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The Liability – Eric, Garrett, Thony, Arman, Lexi

The problem with working with a man like Eric is that he’s messy. In a way, that allows a certain level of control over him, yet, at the same time, the reason you can control him is the same thing that people like Garrett need to take him down. Hence, while trying to help Arman lock down the deal for the hotel and casino, Thony is tasked by Garrett to get a sound recording of the deal.

Now, as usual, Thony feels torn since she didn’t come to America for all this espionage stuff. Thony came to America for Luca. But, she finds herself forced to play double agent as she gathers information that could bring Eric down while also stealing a laptop from Eric’s lover’s room to protect Arman.

But, unfortunately for Eric, despite Thony’s actions, he still ends up in jail, and perhaps fearing the worst, it seems it was arranged for Eric to get shanked. Thus, just when it appeared Thony could be off the hook, she becomes Garrett’s prime informant again. Though it should be noted, her leaving her necklace in Lexi’s apartment, Eric’s girlfriend, didn’t help.

A Trip To LA – Grace, Joe, Thony, Fiona, Chris, Brandon

With not being able to do the stem cell trial combined with his liver damage, Fiona and Thony make every last effort to meet Joe, the person Thony came to America for, to get a bone marrow transplant. This means going to the doctor and snooping on his computer, going to the man’s former house and meeting his daughter, Grace, who lowers their expectations, and then meeting the man himself.

Joe (Lou Diamond Phillips) being cornered with Thony's sales pitch
Joe (Lou Diamond Phillips)

Joe is a car salesman who is half-Filipino and, upon being approached over donating his bone marrow, is an ass. He cares not one bit if it was for a child, which is quite devasting for Thony to hear. But, at the very least, the trip made for good bonding time between her and Fiona.

Oh, and speaking of Fiona, with her desire to still do right by Chris, there is finally a conversation about Thony helping and the mention of her having $10,000. However, Fiona decides against that and rather sell drugs for Brandon at that fancy club to get the process started.

That’s What Friends Are For – Joe, Thony, Fiona, Grace, Arman

After Thony told Arman off at Isabel’s wedding, you’d think those two wouldn’t be cool, right? Well, you’d be wrong. When he hears what is happening with Luca, Arman decides to get involved and do everything but beat to a pulp, Joe. I’m talking threatening, kidnapping, and even holding him hostage. Which, because Joe is a bit of a badass, maybe because he is at least half Filipino, doesn’t lead him to change his mind.

However, when Thony drives him home and talks to him, sings Luca a lullaby, and he gets to express why he pulled himself from the donors’ list and process, they bond. He talks about losing his wife in what should have been a simple procedure, becoming estranged from his daughter, and it seems that both getting to open up and talk allows healing and Joe to decide to donate the marrow.

Grace (Grace Phillips) reuniting with her dad
Grace (Grace Phillips)

As a reward, Thony arranges for Grace and Joe to reunite, and likely, once again, Thony will be torn when it comes to taking down Arman. After all, this is now the second time his influence has extended Luca’s life, if not saved him.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will Lexi end up on Garrett’s radar, or is she going to just disappear?
  2. Considering Joe is single, and Fiona is single, could something blossom there? I’m just saying.
  3. How long until dealing drugs for Brandon leads to Fiona getting in trouble?
  4. So is Jaz just around for the sake of it? Am I the only one wondering what her status is because, I’d be fearful if I was her. If I was the only American citizen in a home with nothing but undocumented people, that would be a constant worry.

What Could Happen Next

  1. Since Garrett isn’t offering any ways to help Thony or her son, I foresee her making him look stupid and trying to get him out of her life while protecting Arman.
  2. Marco coming to America or demanding Thony, or Luca alone, comes back to the Philippines.


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Fiona and Thony’s Storylines Intermingled Again

Don’t you love when you see something that is a red flag in one episode, and in the following, the issue is gone? Fiona and Thony, as Thony found herself deeper in Arman’s world, disconnected from Fiona and what was going on in Fiona’s household. Luckily, Luca brought them back together, and they were able to spend time together on a road trip, Thony became aware of Fiona’s money issues, and Fiona became aware of the money Thony set aside.

Now, why is Thony having $10,000 not curious to Fiona? I don’t know. To me, that’s a lot of money, and even if she is a doctor in Manila, it’s been a year, and she has that amount of cash? I would be raising red flags since something would seem off. But, considering Fiona’s life as a TNT and now her son stressed out because he is undocumented, maybe taking note of Thony missing work and having all this money isn’t on her radar?

The Shock Of Eric Being Killed

While Eric wasn’t the most notable of characters, he still played a notable role in Arman and Hayak’s business dealings. So for him to die, it means someone new has to be brought into play, and if there is one thing criminal organizations want, it is consistency. So whether Hayak had him killed due to lack of trust, or a competitor, that is something to look out for. Especially with the representative for the hotel and casino noting there were Chinese buyers also interested. For it could mean they are making moves to bring the deal down and in their favor.

Low Points

Thony’s Necklace Left In Lexi’s Suite

That was way too convenient and definitely the kind of stuff that can only happen in a show like this. Her necklace that she rarely takes off just so happens to pop off when she is hiding away from FBI agents? Come on now. Couldn’t they have just seen her, on the hotel’s many cameras, leaving the room and use that?

On The Fence

Arman Getting Over What Thony Said Rather Quickly

I don’t know about you, but after Thony bringing in Arman’s parents, when she decided to insult him? That would require an apology before I would do anything I wasn’t required to. But, who knows, maybe Arman prefers when people talk to him like that and are open about their feelings, over being politics, secretive, and him having to second guess how they feel?

Or, being that Thony reminds him of his mom, and he has met Luca, maybe the kid is a soft spot for him? Think about it, Arman clearly is not trying to make a family with Nadia, so helping Thony’s kid, maybe getting to know them, is the closest he may get to have a kid in his life? So, even if just living vicariously, something could be better than nothing for him?

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Thony, Joe, and Fiona at Joe's job
The Cleaning Lady: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Kabayan” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
As The Cleaning Lady slowly escalates the case against Arman and Hayak, it maintains a pace that allows for an exploration of Thony and Fiona's life without making the personal pale in comparison to the crime element of the FBI's investigation.
The Shock Of Eric Being Killed
Fiona and Thony's Storylines Intermingled Again
Thony's Necklace Left In Lexi's Suite
Arman Getting Over What Thony Said Rather Quickly

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