The Cleaning Lady: Season 2/ Episode 4 “Bahala La” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Notable information about Nadia’s past is revealed as a decision is made regarding Jon, and Chris begins to act recklessly.

Aired (FOX) 10/10/2022
Director(s) Marie Jamora
Writer(s) Michael Notarile, Celena Cipriaso
Introduced This Episode
Nina Jordyn Aurora Aquino

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


The Desperation To Help Maya – Maya, Tyler Garrett

Garrett is desperate to get back on the Cortez case and redeem himself in Maya’s eyes. When she randomly pops over, he even offers to get her into WITSEC and really do things right this time. However, with a black eye and Garrett not having the best track record, she isn’t so sure. But with memories of his own mother having been abused, seeing Maya up close and personal only fuels Garrett’s flame.

Hence him dangling the possibility of having information Tyler doesn’t. Be it who Maya is dating, potentially Robert being involved, and while Tyler doesn’t like Garrett’s methods, he does want results. So he may just give in to what Garrett is selling, depending on how good the information is from when Thony cloned Maya’s phone.

Whatever Happens, Happens – Chris, Thony, Fiona, Arman, Jon

Chris is struggling. With no one to talk to and barely an acknowledgement of what happened from his mom or aunt, he gives in to impulses. He nearly gets hit by a truck and punches a bathroom mirror, which is only the beginning. This makes Fiona’s life harder because he is drawing attention to himself as she tries to figure out how to handle Jon.

Now, originally, Thony was handling it, including giving Jon a sedative when it is clear he cannot easily be swayed. But in time, Thony realizes Fiona is too overwhelmed to make a decision, and they both can take turns keeping Jon alive, so Arman is called, even though Fiona doesn’t know him, trust him, and thinks this should remain a family matter.

Old Affections Never Die – Robert, Arman, Nadia, Thony, Fiona, Nina, Jon, Garrett

But, in all fairness, Arman likely just wants to avoid the work his deal with Robert calls for. You see, Robert is a loan shark and owns a gambling empire that funds a lot of Vegas’ criminal world. Because of that, Arman didn’t want to get in bed with him business-wise. However, because money is tight and Thony’s way of doing things with drugs isn’t massively lucrative, never mind the worry Sin Cara could catch on to Arman getting into, he’s stuck with Robert.

Of course, though, it isn’t just because Robert is a loan shark, and the deal he makes with Arman where he collects on his behalf. The other issue is Nadia. Robert discovered Nadia in Argentina, and because of their relationship, that’s how she left an impoverished area to now becoming the woman she is in America. And with the deal including Nadia working at Fastlane, Robert’s gambling house, this just adds to why Arman needs to payoff Robert quickly.

Which for Nadia is rather rich. She is uncomfortable with Thony and has to put up with it, but Robert is a major issue. She peeps this, and to be petty, in her own way, she allows Robert to get back into her good graces and makes it clear no one, Robert or Arman, are the boss of her, and she can do as she wishes.

And because of that, Arman goes to Thony and after Fiona makes it clear, “Whatever happens, happens,” Arman handles the Jon situation – by killing him. Thus giving Thony and Fiona peace of mind. Also, it allows them to get back home in time to help Nina, Luca’s babysitter, give birth. Never mind Thony the time to hand off Maya’s cloned phone to Garrett.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why did Nadia break up with Robert? Was it because he was too controlling?
  2. What got Robert into this business and got him his initial capital?
  3. How many people owe Robert?
  4. What was Robert doing in Argentina when he discovered Nadia
  5. What led Nadia to go from Robert to Arman?
  6. So what is going to be the cover story for Jon?
  7. So who is handling the hotel and all the other things Nadia and Arman do while they work for Robert?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Chris continues to spiral and likely meets someone like Maya, or someone else, who offers a means to deal with the guilt and pain
  2. Fiona grows increasingly curious about Arman and Thony’s relationship
  3. Nadia and Robert have an affair
  4. Garrett gets back on Maya’s case or blows it up, and Tyler goes after him because of it



More Background on Nadia

Little by little, we’re learning more and more about Nadia. In this episode, we learn she is from a slum in Argentina, where she seemingly made a living making bets. Also, through one means or another, she has Robert to thank for getting her to America. Now, through a visa, marriage, or helping her with getting a green card? It’s hard to say which method he used since Nadia doesn’t move in such a way to imply she is undocumented. But who knows? We’re just now learning about who she is.

Some Information On Robert’s Business

While Robert remains a bit of a mystery, at the very least we understand he is a loan shark and has a gambling empire. On top of that, he has connections with most crime syndicates in or operating through Las Vegas. Something is better than nothing.

Chris’ Downward Spiral

Clearly, there are long and notable plans for Sean Lew. From potential suicidal ideation to him destroying a mirror at school, something is bubbling there. Add in him being a TNT and having no one to talk to about anything that goes on in his life? Whether he implodes or explodes is going to be a sight to see.

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Chris riding his bike, heading straight towards a truck
The Cleaning Lady: Season 2/ Episode 4 “Bahala La” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
From Chris prepping to dive off the deep end, more information on Nadia and Robert, and Fiona getting to see Arman and Thony’s dynamic in person? While Garrett may still be a blight on the show, everyone else is more than compensating.

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