The Cleaning Lady: Season 1/ Episode 6 “Mother’s Mission” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Thony is pushed to see how far she is willing to go to secure Luca’s future, as Arman sees Thony’s interactions with Garrett as a lucrative opportunity.

Aired 2/14/2022
Network FOX
Directed By Marie Jamora
Written By Michael Notarile
Introduced This Episode
Dr. Nnamdi Conphidance
Mother Donna Betty Buckley
Bosco Rocko Reyes


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The Silent Treatment – Thony, Fiona

With Fiona nearly getting deported and one of their friends actually getting deported, she can no longer just ignore everything in Thony’s life. She confronts her about it, and with Thony not owning up to the damage she has done to Fiona’s taste, she ices her out. For it is one thing, as Fiona says, to feel like she doesn’t matter outside of her home, but to have that inside her home, from someone she sees as her sister? That’s too much.

Hence why, outside of when Thony thinks she might have found a way to get Luca a liver, Fiona doesn’t speak to Thony for days.

How Far Are You Willing To Go? – Thony, Arman, Bosco, Mother Donna, Dr. Nnamdi, Dr. Saroyan

Bosco (Rocko Reyes) talking to Arman
Bosco (Rocko Reyes)

Desperate and having around $13,000, Thony hopes Dr. Saroyan would be able to procure a liver for Luca, but while he works for gangsters, he doesn’t do black market business. So Arman is turned to and he does help Thony potentially acquire a liver. It requires her to meet a coyote named Bosco, who takes Thony to see a woman named “Mother Donna.”

Now, who is Mother Donna? A former nun who helps people immigrate to the United States, usually by having them give up a kidney. However, she tries to make it clear that she isn’t a business, but a community leader, to soften her appearance. But, when it comes to Thony, she can’t get past one major issue.

Dr. Nnamdi (Conphidance) scrubbing in
Dr. Nnamdi (Conphidance)

You see, Mother Donna thinks she can help get Luca a liver. But since Thony doesn’t have $70,000, to compensate Mother Donna, she was asked to use her surgical skills to help out the on-site surgeon, Dr. Nnamdi, take out 3 kidneys. Fine. That is until a child too young to donate a kidney is on the table, and with that, Thony decides she is unable to fulfill the deal due to her morals and the potential for complications.

It’s All About Appearances Until The Ruse Can’t Be Kept Up – Arman, Isabel, Hayak, Carlos, Garrett, Renee, Thony, Marco

Isabel seems to finally realize something is up with her dad, and because she only trusts Arman, he doesn’t break things down to the T, but he does clue in Isabel enough for her to know it is time to start asking questions. This seemingly is all part of Arman’s long game plan to show Isabel shouldn’t have been chosen to be Hayak’s partner. For alongside using Isabel, Thony is used as well.

How? With her working with Garrett, Thony is fed information so that Arman can look like a lifesaver after Garrett and Renee arrest someone in Arman’s club, and then pull over one of Hayak’s vehicles that originally were supposed to have a gun shipment. But between Arman and Carlos, the feds just find a bunch of melons while the guns were rerouted. Thus, Hayak realizes that Arman is smarter than given credit for, and maybe they should have an actual conversation about him having a part of the hotel and casino.

But while Arman is making a series of victories at work, Thony is flailing as she is running out of ideas and seemingly, something about this vulnerability turns on Arman enough to start making out with Thony. I’m talking, high school, hot and heavy makeout, which probably would have turned to sex if Thony didn’t stop things.

And it seemingly is a good thing she stopped them, too. For when she gets home, her husband, Marco, is there since his visa got approved.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Things To Note

  1. Rather than just assuming Thony didn’t get good information or had a bad hunch, immediately, Garrett thinks she is working with Arman to feed potentially bad information. So he agrees with Renee that they should have it go both ways. They should provide Thony bad information to throw Arman off his game.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Does Thony resent Marco for her career-ending due to him not being willing to equally help when it comes to Luca?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Nadia learning about Arman and Thony making out, maybe having relations
  2. Marco showing why Thony barely talks about her husband she left back home and barely says anything nice about him to people who do know him



Seeing Where Thony Will Draw The Line

Mother Donna (Betty Bucjkey) introducing herself
Mother Donna (Betty Bucjkey)

As Fiona noted, when it came to getting Chris’ legal status, there is a lot a parent will do when it comes to their child. However, it wasn’t clear till now where Thony’s line is. Working for Arman has meant cleaning up crime scenes and covering up murders while racking hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the process. But taking out the kidney of a child? That is where Thony’s line is. She will not harm one child to save her own.

And with knowing the line, so comes the question of whether she will ever cross it when she truly gets desperate. For with any and all heroes, there is the question of what can push them over the edge? If not, bring them right to that line and barely able to step away?

Batman, for example, will beat you within an inch of your life but will not outright kill anyone, at least in the movies. So for Thony, we’re left questioning what she will do, up to that specific line, and when will we see it? Because you know they’re going to show it.

Marco’s Arrival, For Now

Marco hasn’t really been someone we’ve been clamoring to see in person. However, his arrival, just after Arman and Thony passionately makeout? This could be interesting. Add in Thony never speaking highly of Marco, and viewers learning he had gambling issues? Never mind could be a factor in her stepping away from being a surgeon, besides Luca? This could cause some drama. Potentially with Fiona in the middle.

Fiona Being Upset With Thony

For the life of me, I didn’t understand why Fiona wasn’t asking questions. Your sister-in-law supposedly got some new work excitement you didn’t hear about, which practically has her on call, and between FBI agents and being asked about gangsters, you just ignore all this? I get Chris’ situation does take precedent, but after Garrett first made himself known, I would have been freaking out as a TNT who now knows the feds are interested in my sister.

So Fiona finally asking questions and being mad Thony has disrupted her life feels overdue. Now, I don’t know where things could go from here, especially with Marco showing up, but I’m interested to see if Fiona keeps her mouth shut or decides to clue in Marco to all that has been happening with his wife.

On The Fence

Arman and Thony Making Out

Arman saying Thony reminds him of his mother, earlier in the season, makes this weird to me. That and sometimes feeling like he sees himself in Luca. So them making out, I can imagine, is what a lot of fans have been waiting for, but I just can’t get behind this. Especially since Thony is married and is starting to veer towards having this American fantasy going. One that will only bite her in the behind, and maybe Luca, the deeper she tunes out reality.

Garrett Catching On A Little Too Quickly

I’m torn between Garrett just being good at his job, and appreciating that, and feeling that he is a little too smart for his own good. On the one hand, there is nothing worse than someone in a prestigious position being outsmarted and questioning how do they have their job considering what they miss. Yet, it doesn’t feel natural with Garrett when he figures things out. It more so feels like the writers don’t have the time needed to allow him to really investigate and figure out Thony is trying to play both sides. So, instead, they rush the process and hope that by not allowing for dull moments, you’ll forgive how questionable some are.

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Thony talking to Mother Donna
The Cleaning Lady: Season 1/ Episode 6 “Mother’s Mission” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
As Thony's life gets harder and harder, so comes the question of how she will handle the forthcoming situations that surely can't be solved by her posturing and hoping for the best.
Fiona Being Upset With Thony
Marco's Arrival, For Now
Seeing Where Thony Will Draw The Line
Garrett Catching On A Little Too Quickly
Arman and Thony Making Out

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