Star: Season 2 (Second Half) – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Cotton sipping tea.
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The second half of season 2 of Star, seemingly is about cutting any and all fat so that season 3 can refocus on core characters.

Creator Lee Daniels, Tom Donaghy
Noted Cast
Simone Brittany O’Grady
Noah Luke James
Carlotta Queen Latifah
Gigi Keke Palmer
Alex Ryan Destiny
Rose Naomi Campbell
Star Jude Demorest
Maurice Lance Gross
Ayanna Michael Michele
Karen Imani Lewis
Angel Evan Ross
Brody Stephen Dorff
Jahil Benjamin Bratt
Cassie Brandy Norwood
Derek Quincy Brown
Soraya Annie Jacob
Miss Bruce Miss Lawrence
Jackson Matthew Noszka
Cotton Amiyah Scott
Otis Darius McCrary
Andy Elijah Kelley
Christine Patti LaBelle
Arlene Nealla Gordon
Omari Justin Marcel McManus
Elliot Jack J. Yang
Ruby Juanita Jennings


Star's first conversation with Maurice as he plants seeds to break Take Three up.
“Everybody gets a time to shine, right?”

In the second half of season 2, Midtown seems to be in huge trouble but, as always, there are competitions and hoops to jump through to be featured. Which, as much as we’re getting tired of it, so is Simone, so she talks to Noah who gives things a push. Which is probably the last notable time Noah gets to do anything for anyone since his career pretty much goes on a decline. For while he has Carlotta become his manager and release a record, between alcohol and doing drugs with Gigi, he ends up on a roof staring at a street below. Something he may contribute to Alex breaking up with him, but with her giving up on her mother Rose for her alcoholism, she finds herself coerced to do the same with Noah.

Especially since things have come to a point where Alex has to look out for Alex. Her career is popping, as a solo artist, and all the nonsense she had to deal with for being dark skinned, that’s gone. Now Star is the one playing the red headed stepchild and you know she isn’t happy about that. After all, who is always in the studio, dance or recording? Who has been willing to make sacrifices and hustle their way to this point? Not to forget, when it comes to Simone, keep trying to keep her from juvi and other places?

Well, that’s over now because Star, thanks to a massive push by Maurice, goes solo. Albeit to the detriment of his career but with Ayanna screwing over her dad, Maurice cheating on Carlotta and Ayanna and Carlotta growing close, it was bound to happen. Oh, and speaking of growing close, after the death of Karen, Simone finds a love interest in Angel. Actually, more than a love interest but husband. Something that might have began to keep her out of juvi but evolved into a real relationship. One that, when Angel gets deported, it seems Simone may follow after him. Especially since she has really come to the point where she doesn’t care about hitching a ride on Star’s dream anymore, she wants a life of her own. Plus, she is tired of Star’s shenanigans.

As for the rest of the cast? Well, Brody is killed by Arlene’s sister, which Star still doesn’t know, Jahil is killed by Carlotta’s sister, Cassie, by accident, who was trying to shoot her now ex-Andy, on purpose. Cotton we learn has a son who, after Jahil dies gets his kidney, and Derek chases after Alex despite him dating some girl who is not Soraya.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What happened to Jackson? Is he not becoming a love interest?
  2. Where was Christine while Cassie was making all these moves without her?
  3. What kind of partnership was Cassie planning with Derek?
  4. Is Ayanna still pregnant after being shot?


Alex Became An Equal to Star

Alex coming to realize she is repeating a pattern in her life and coming to terms she needs to break up with Noah.
“I’m trying to fix you just like I tried to fix my mom.”

For most of the series, for one reason or another, despite Alex having the more recognizable name, and her last name getting them access to different people and opportunities, she played second fiddle. However, through Noah, and later pursuits, she got on Star’s level and arguably surpassed her. She became the breakout star of Take Three, the Beyoncé and got to the point where maybe she did prove to her dad she could make it on her own.

Simone’s Growth

Due to Simone’s trauma, she has been all over the place throughout the series. She can talk in this really mature, “I’ll murder you if you respond to me” tone and then whine like the minor she is. Yet, there was more consistency this season. While she still went off the rails sometimes, between Ayanna and Angel, it is as if she actually went to see a therapist and was prescribed something to help balance her out. Making it where, while she still had triggers dealing with what Otis did and his murder, it seems she has found herself. Especially once she seeks out something beyond the music business and the hustle and breaks out of Star’s shadow.

Star Finally Went Solo

Star after a successful solo performance.

No matter how you look at it, Star was the only one consistently about the group and being in top form. She would practice more than anyone else, rarely, if ever, show up late, was willing to put herself out there, sexually or otherwise, and tried to minimize situations which could affect Take Three. However, there just came a point when Star had to look out for Star. Something that, unfortunately, Maurice had to point out but whose name is the title of the show? Clearly, sooner or later, she’d have to go solo.

Which may lead to one of the most interesting storylines yet. How will Star, who spent a good part of season 2 dealing with the guilt of helping her mom OD, deal with having no one? For with Alex quitting and jetting off to NY, maybe dying in a plane crash, then Simone going to DR to be with Angel, who is going to look out for her? Carlotta is now head of the label and Noah is into drugs, which Star does not wanna be around. So it seems we’ll finally see what happens when the dream is realized and if Star truly wants the prize she has worked so hard for.

Simone and Angel

When it comes to many of the relationships on Star, while the relationships have been cute, they largely represented the unresolved issues each character had. Alex’s relationship with Noah mirrored the one with her mom and arguably her relationship with Derek brought out her unresolved issues with her father. Especially in terms of cheating on her mom. For Star, abuse which never got too detailed was the focus of her relationship with Hunter and her short tryst with Noah dealt with another issue of her past being with dealing with those with addiction problems and who wouldn’t claim her.

Simone and Angel kissing.

With Simone though? Rather than repeat past mistakes of falling for people troubled and stagnant, she got with Angel. Someone that, originally, let us not forget, flirted with Simone just to mess with her head. However, Andy never squealed and that led to them having one of the best relationships we’ve seen on the show. Not just in terms of how cute they were in the lovey-dovey moments but also the various storylines they tackled.

For whether it was Angel being undocumented or the rather delicately handled storyline of Simone being a sexual assault survivor desiring to be intimate, this was the most complex relationship yet. One made to do more than show the desirability of each actor and character but really push their narrative forward as well. After all, it is Angel that makes Simone realize there is more to life than the hustle and he is part of the reason she quits Take Three to be with him.

The Show Touching More on Mary’s Final Day

While the only thing really missing is Mary going from up and comer to her downfall, what we also didn’t see is her final days. Much less, fully understand how Brody played a role in that. But we come to find out he really didn’t, Star gave her mother extra “medicine” and it killed her. Leading to Star really having to deal with the issues she had with her mother that have been festering within her since the first season. Maybe not to the point she fully owns who her mother was and has completely reconciled, but at least when it comes to Brody, before his death, she forgave him. As for forgiving her mom for getting on drugs and things of that nature? Well, that might be explored in season 3.


Ruby calling Derek an ungrateful bastard.

While mostly a source of comical relief, you had to appreciate Ms. Ruby when she got real with Star over why she disliked her so much. That and her moments in the sun when dealing with Derek. For even if Ms. Ruby just gets a few lines and makes the best out of it, she remains a welcome recurring character. One who really pushes you to wonder when is Lee Daniels going to give actress, Juanita Jennings, her own show?

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