Movie Poster - The Baker (2023)
"Movie Poster," The Baker, directed by Jonathan Sobol, 2023 (Falling Forward Films)

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General Information

Director(s) Jonathan Sobol
Screenplay By Paolo Mancini, Thomas Michael
Based On N/A
Date Released (In Theaters) July 28, 2023
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Film Length 1 Hour 44 Minutes
Content Rating Rated R
Noted Characters and Cast
Peter Joel David Moore
Delphi Emma Ho
The Baker Ron Perlman
Vic Elias Koteas
The Merchant Harvey Keitel

What Is “The Baker” Rated And Why?

“The Baker” is Rated R because:

  • Dialog: cursing
  • Violence: gun violence, close-quarters combat, blood
  • Sexual Content: N/A
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking and smoking

Film Summary

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”taKhy2Eg” upload-date=”2023-08-07T22:39:35.000Z” name=”The Baker (2023) – Movie Review (with Spoilers).mp4″ description=”A retired hitman finds himself back in the game after his son gets in trouble with the mob and he is tasked with protecting the granddaughter he didn’t know he had.” player-type=”static”]

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Peter is a driver for his own company, which isn’t doing as well as hoped for various reasons. However, he lucks upon a botched mob hit that gets him access to drugs he thinks will make him more than enough money to bounce back financially and care for his daughter, Delphi.

However, to make the deal, he needs a babysitter, and with his usual one working and Delphi’s mother dead, he goes to his father, now known as “The Baker.” The sudden visit isn’t welcomed as Pete and his father are estranged, and even Delphi isn’t pro the separation, as she witnessed her mom’s death, and it traumatized her to the point of becoming mute.

But, Peter gives them no choice but to get along as he ventures to see Vic, and gets caught up in The Merchant’s drug operation, which puts Peter in a position where he may get killed. Enter “The Baker,” who used to go by a different name, having to dip back into his old arsenal while caring for his granddaughter to avoid truly having a second chance at being someone’s parent.

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.


With dreams of riches, Peter bought a set of cars at auction, thinking he could start a company and make it big – but then the cars were trash. This seems to be part of a rather unlucky streak in Peter’s life, but by finding a bunch of the drug “Nova,” he is hoping he can quickly sell it and not only make the money back he lost but also enough to give his daughter the life she deserves.


Delphi went mute after seeing her mother die in a car accident due to not wearing a belt. She still goes to school and does what she is supposed to, but she doesn’t speak a word. She’ll make noises, but nothing beyond that, and Peter doesn’t heavily press her to speak.

The Baker

After a life as “The Butcher,” The Baker has calmed things down. He bakes bread and croissants and lives a quiet life. At least until his estranged son shows up.


Vic is one of The Merchant’s top soldiers, but because he isn’t family and has been making mistakes, it seems he has hit a glass ceiling.

The Merchant

The Merchant is the head of the operation Vic works for, who often is seen holding court at a dry cleaner’s.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Youth” and their role in “Mike: Season 1.”


Our Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing) | Mixed (Divisive)

Who Is This For?

Those who like seasoned actors showing, despite their age, action movies are not a young man’s game, and they can still hang.


Occasional Flinch Worthy Action

While “The Baker” isn’t at the level of “Atomic Blonde” or a Keanu Reeves movie, Perlman’s taking hits or dishing them out still may make you wince or flinch. Mainly because the film may have gun violence, but more often than not, people are fighting with their hands, the occasional weapon, and using their environment to win and survive. Because of this, fights seem more real, and while we all know they are choreographed, there isn’t the level of camera work usually seen to make things seem faster or more brutal. Thus giving the appearance that, even if Ron Perlman may not have done his stunts, he knows how to get winded as he did.

The Bond Between Grandpa and Granddaughter

Note: Delphi doesn’t say a single word until the end of the movie, but up until then, the bond between her and her grandpa finds ways of becoming cute without words. Whether it is little things, like making sure he has on his seatbelt, due to how her mom passed, or you seeing The Baker slowly but surely see her as a second chance to be a parent, and her presence easing his guilt? Heck, maybe being part of the reason he can finally get a full night’s sleep? There is something beyond adorable there.

What Delphi gets is a stable individual who isn’t always chasing the next big thing and seeking to escalate his finances and The Baker? He has this kid he can do right by since he isn’t in his former life anymore. And while both are aware of what it means to have a family through Peter, it seems they are both ready for something more settled down and quiet, with hopes Peter will be willing to join them.

On The Fence

Minimal Backstory

One of the main issues people may have with “The Baker,” especially if they like character development like me, is that it isn’t a strong focus. The Baker’s story is barely touched upon beyond how he faked his death, used to be “The Butcher,” and wasn’t the greatest father. The Merchant, Vic’s boss, and perhaps every villain in the film are shoestring thin. All we know is they operate in the drug business, and Vic, as of late, has had an itchy trigger finger.

Peter? Whether he lives or dies is something you only care about because of Delphi, and the film is heavily reliant on her being this adorable little girl more than anything else. For while, yes, she does bond with her grandpa, but because she is mute for most of the film, there is a certain level of projection the audience has to send out in order to get anything back. And as much as The Baker may talk about Peter’s mom, with little imagery and maybe one story, while “The Baker” does more than just set up one action scene after another, it doesn’t necessarily push for you to be worried about Delphi’s father surviving, or even her grandfather for that matter, beyond the hero surviving or the would-be damsel in distress, Peter, staying alive as well.


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Answers to some questions you may have regarding this movie:

The Reason The Movie Is Named “The Baker”

Because the lead character owns a bake shop.

Does “The Baker” Setup A Sequel or Prequel?

Technically yes, because of its mid-credit scene, which leaves us on a cliffhanger

Does “The Baker” Have A Mid-Credit or End Credit Scene?

Yes, focused on the fate of The Merchant.

Movie Poster - The Baker (2023)
The Baker (2023) – Movie Review (with Spoilers)
“The Baker” is a pleasant action film that may not have any standout moment or performances. However, it can satisfy a fix if you want an action film that isn’t afraid to show blood and has a fairly cute relationship at the center.
Occasional Flinch Worthy Action
The Bond Between Grandpa and Granddaughter
Minimal Backstory
The Bond Between Grandpa and Granddaughter
Occasional Flinch Worthy Action
Minimal Backstory

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